Top San Francisco Oral Surgeon, Dr. Alex Rabinovich Announces New Post about Best Choice for Oral Surgery

San Francisco, California – January 26, 2017. San Francisco expert oral surgeon, Dr. Alex Rabinovich is proud to announce a new blog post on a very timely topic: the value of a specialist. An oral surgeon might be able to determine the underlying details to common dental issues such as TMJ or sleep apnea, as well as provide unique insights. For this reason, the new blog post advocates speaking to a specialist and even considering a second opinion when looking for a top-rated San Francisco oral surgeon.

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“Asking a specialist for a second look before going through oral surgery can help patients get the best results,” explained Dr. Alex Rabinovich, chief oral surgeon of SF Dental Implants. “We’ve checked patients’ mouths and found that there were underlying issues a dentist may have missed. New findings have helped them achieve a successful outcome to oral surgery.”

To review the new blog post please visit The best plan for success may be to contact a specialist to determine all surgical options have been evaluated. Common issues such as TMJ and sleep apnea can be the cause of many different factors. San Francisco residents have access to a highly-skilled oral surgeon nearby. It should be noted that Dr. Rabinovich has a specialized website on dental implants at

A San Francisco Oral Surgeon Could Find Important Faults in a Previous Diagnosis

Earthquakes in the San Francisco region have become a common occurrence for Bay Area locals. Experts skilled in detecting tremors underground can help the public in choosing the best plan for dealing with a larger problem later. A professional specifically skilled in California earthquakes could provide deeper insight to the Bay Area region. For most issues, a smart move can be to consult with the best in a field before finalizing a plan. This need for a specialist is common not only to something like earth tremors but also to oral surgery.

For this reason, Dr. Alex Rabinovich, a highly-skilled oral surgeon working in San Francisco, has recently released a blog post about the importance of speaking to a specialist. An expert with special training in oral surgery may find important underlying issues for common problems such as TMJ or sleep apnea. Although a patient may have what appears to be a normal diagnosis of TMJ, an oral surgeon can detect less obvious faults in the mouth. The result could lead to a different, more successful outcome. San Francisco locals experiencing pain from common mouth issues such as impacted wisdom teeth could benefit from visiting a specialist first.

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