Should it be Wisdom Teeth Removal or Extraction in San Francisco?

In common with many other professionals, oral surgeons and dental surgeons in San Francisco have a tendency to use euphemisms. So they will talk about wisdom teeth removal or extraction San Francisco when what they actually do is to pull the wisdom teeth out!Wisdom teeth extraction in San Francisco.

Of course, it’s a fact. We all know that that is what they do, but somehow having your wisdom teeth pulled out seems to conjure up images of pain. Wisdom teeth removal or extraction San Francisco somehow seems gentler, which is why oral surgeons refer to it this way. They simply have no wish to frighten the patient.

In any event, oral surgeons such as our Dr. Alex Rabinovich use plenty of anesthetics to insure that the operation is pain free. Yes, there may be a certain amount of soreness afterwards, but nothing that a couple of nurofen won’t take care of, but the actual operation is carried out under local anesthetic or even general anesthetic so you really won’t feel anything.

Not An Uncommon Operation; Nearly Everyone in San Francisco Needs Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth removal or extraction San Francisco is not even an uncommon operation. In fact, the vast majority of people need wisdom teeth removed because they can cause all sorts of problems if not. They are your very last teeth to grow and in a very few cases some people may not produce any at all, or perhaps one or two. In a few other cases there is enough room for them to grow and they do so without causing any problem.

However, in the vast majority of people there is not enough room for them to grow. The result is that they erupt (another euphemism – it means break through the gum!) sideways, or push other teeth out of alignment as they try to find space to grow. They may only partially erupt which leaves a gap around the teeth and causes bacteria to grow resulting in infection. That results in stiffness, swelling, pain, and illness. In the worst cases, tumors or cysts can form around the impacted wisdom teeth resulting in destruction of the jawbone and the loss of healthy teeth.

You can readily see why impacted wisdom teeth need removal, and preferably sooner rather than later.

By carrying out an oral examination of the mouth and X-rays, Dr Rabinovich will be able to predict any future problems even if there are none present at the moment. He offers all patients a completely free consult so it is well worth booking in for an appointment to assess the condition of your wisdom teeth even if they have not yet erupted. Call the office on (415) 817-9991 or click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page.