No Snow in SF So We Don’t Need to Remove it. But We do Have Wisdom Teeth

One of the things that we don’t need in San Francisco is snow removal. Because we don’t have any of that white stuff. But everyone in Boston and everyone in San Francisco typically shares the fact that they need wisdom teeth removal at some point in their life. Removing wisdom teeth in San Francisco.So if you’re looking smugly at those Bostonians in the winter, just remember that nearly all of us humans need wisdom teeth extraction when it comes to our “wisdom” teeth, and that doesn’t matter where you live.

Why are they called “wisdom” teeth? Because they typically don’t arrive until you are in your mid-teens or later, and by that time you are presumed to have gained some wisdom.

However, there is really nothing “wise” about wisdom teeth today because we simply don’t need them. They are a relic of an earlier age when our ancestors needed them to chew on tough plants and meats, but since we no longer need to do that, we don’t need wisdom teeth.

Here’s where it goes wrong. In common with your appendix, which you also have no need of, they still grow. The problem is that because we don’t need them, our jaws have become slightly smaller. That means that there is not enough room for them in most cases, so they try to force their way through the gums and jawbone and cause all sorts of difficulties. This is why you need San Francisco wisdom teeth removal before they do considerable damage.

In a handful of people, wisdom teeth may cause no problems, but they are in a very small minority. Most of us need San Francisco wisdom teeth removal between mid-teens and around 25 or so.

Where Do You Go to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

So the next question is: where do you go to have your wisdom teeth removed? It is, after all, surgery – not major, but surgery nonetheless – and you need an experienced and qualified surgeon to undertake the work because it is not as straightforward an operation as it would seem. It is quite possible to cause damage to nerves and the jawbone because of the strange angles at which the wisdom teeth can grow and because they can become impacted.

Our Dr Alex Rabinovich is a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and has carried out hundreds of San Francisco wisdom teeth removal operations without problem. He can do the same for you.

Dr Rabinovich offers all patients a completely free consult when he can assess the extent of your wisdom teeth problem and answer all your questions. He uses the latest CT scanner to obtain a 3D picture of your jawbone and wisdom teeth and will be able to see instantly how to proceed and remove your wisdom teeth without causing any problem whatsoever.