The ‘Sins’ of Your Teeth: Taking Care of Your Teeth to Avoid Oral Surgery for Your Wisdom Teeth

In this life there are sins of commission and sins of omission. The former are something you do and the latter are something you fail to do. Wisdom Teeth Extraction in San Francisco CaliforniaIt actually gets worse, because a sin of commission is something you do and is something that you shouldn’t do, while a sin of omission is something that you don’t do that you should do! Confused??

So, for instance, crunching on a chunk of ice with your teeth is a “sin” of commission. It’s bad for your teeth. So don’t do it. Failing to come in for an inspection of your wisdom teeth when they are causing trouble is a “sin” of omission. You may pay dearly later for not doing this. Fortunately, we offer free consults, so come in. The cost is zero for the free consult.

Many people carry out a sin of omission when they are having wisdom teeth problems because they don’t really want to think about it and hope that it will just go away. Unfortunately, the problem will not go away and will only get worse. This is why you should opt for early wisdom teeth removal in San Francisco if you are having problems.

Going back thousands of years, we needed our wisdom teeth to help with chewing tough plants (we hadn’t got around to hunting yet), but today we don’t need them any more. They are like the appendix: we don’t need that either, but we all have one.

We Don’t Need Them But They Grow Anyway

The result is that, since we don’t need wisdom teeth, our jaws have got smaller, but just like the appendix they want to grow anyway. So there simply isn’t enough space for the wisdom teeth to grow and they then try to find a way to erupt. That means that they can push other teeth out of the way, grow at weird angles, create gaps which can be invaded by bacteria, causing gum disease, and more.

And that is why wisdom teeth removal in San Francisco is actually a vital procedure. It is not major surgery like brain surgery, but it still needs to be carried out, and the sooner the better. Tests have proven that the earlier you have wisdom teeth removal in San Francisco the better the results.

Our oral surgery doctors, Dr Alex Rabinovich and Dr Noel Sandler, offer all patients a completely free consult. It is actually best if you have wisdom teeth removed before they start causing problems. You could be one of the lucky ones who actually don’t have a problem with their wisdom teeth growing, but they are a very small percentage of the population. Come in for a free check up and we will advise you.