When It Comes to Words Hard to Spell and Say, Orthognathic Is Near the Top

“Orthognathic” is a pretty tough word to spell, and even to say. It comes from the Greek, “ortho” for straight and “gnathic” for jaw. If someone has a lisp, it must be even more difficult to say “orthognathic surgeon.”The word orthognathic is hard to spell and to say.Yet if you are suffering from something such as a lisp, then an orthognathic surgeon is exactly the guy or gal that you need. He or she can correct irregularities of the jaw bones and realign the jaws and teeth to improve the way they work.

Beyond being difficult to spell, it’s also difficult finding a top-rated orthognathic surgeon in San Francisco. You want a surgeon who is highly educated, who listens, and who will work with you for the best treatment plan.

That makes finding a top-rated orthognathic surgeon in San Francisco even harder because there are some who are good, but somehow don’t have that empathy with you that you need if you are considering having surgery of any sort, not just jaw surgery.

Certainly, there is no single top-rated orthognathic surgeon in San Francisco, but our Dr. Alex Rabinovich will certainly be among the top-rated because he takes the time and trouble to listen to his patients. Sure, it is the way he makes his living, but he wants to help, and he wants to make every patient feel comfortable about having the surgery that they need.

Surgery Of Any Sort Is Not Fun

After all, surgery of any sort is not something that most people have done for fun, but they have it done because it is necessary. Having a lisp, for instance, is something that you want to get rid of because it can make you difficult for other people to understand, and it can also lead to certain types of people poking fun at you and “taking the mickey”. That is no fun at all. It should never happen, but sadly, it does.

An orthognathic surgeon can do so much for you when you have any sort of jaw problems. It could be an overbite, or an underbite, both of which are more common than you might think. You might need surgery for facial trauma if you have been involved in an accident. Maybe you suffer from sleep apnea. All of these things, and more, can be resolved with surgery from a top orthognathic surgeon.

So how do you go about finding a top-rated orthognathic surgeon in San Francisco? It is true that there are several, although not that many. However, your best bet is to book an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Rabinovich, because he will carry out an assessment and give you his opinion on what you need done entirely for free.