You Only Have One Jaw, So if You Have Any Issues With It, You Need Oral Surgery

When it comes to San Francisco jaw surgeons, you have quite a few options. However, when it comes to your jaw, you only have one. Well, two if you want to be picky, your upper jaw and lower jaw. Either way, you need to take good care of them.jaw

You may not give them much thought under normal circumstances when you chew, but what if you couldn’t chew? What if you have some issue with your jawbone? What if you suffer pain when you chew your food? If you have any sort of issues with your jaw whatsoever that might require surgery, then you want the best jaw surgeon.

Indeed, the best San Francisco jaw surgeons may be those to be found at Oral Surgery San Francisco in the Financial District. Our two doctors – Dr. Alex Rabinovich and Dr. Noah Sandler – both have many years of jaw surgery experience and there is nothing that they have not seen or done, including jaw reconstruction after accidents.

Malocclusion Is A Common Issue

Some of the most common jaw issues are malocclusion where the jaws do not match up as they should, and therefore result in an underbite or an overbite. This is often caused by the fact that the jawbones did not grow in equal proportion, but it can also be the result of trauma, tumors, or other jaw issues. In some cases, patients have suffered problems with their jaws from birth and this has resulted in them suffering in their quality of life. They simply feel uncomfortable with their appearance, and of course that can be distressing. Our San Francisco jaw surgeons can help with issues such as these.

No two patients are the same, of course, and that means that no two surgeries are, either. If you are in need of any form of jaw surgery, our doctors are happy to provide all patients with a totally free consultation. This will give them the opportunity to provide you with a close examination and they will also be able to provide you with your options.

If you wish to proceed with jaw surgery in San Francisco, the doctors will be able to evaluate and provide a detailed plan for your surgery which is applicable to your individual circumstances. Jaw surgery, or orthognathic surgery as it is called, is performed in hospital conditions under general anesthetic and will require an overnight stay. In most cases, patients will require a break from work or school of between 4 – 6 weeks.

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