If You Are Suffering From Headaches, It Could Be That You Have TMJ

If you suffer from ongoing headaches, it may be that your doctor has diagnosed that you have migraines, and in that case he or she may well have prescribed a strong pain medication. Oral surgeons for TMJ.Unfortunately, these can be addictive, which is not good. It can also be the case that the pain continues, despite the medication, and leads you to believe that there is actually no cure.

Even more unfortunately, you may not be suffering from migraines at all. You could be suffering from something called TMJ, the most common symptom of which is headaches. TMJ is Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome. It is also known as bruxism, teeth grinding, jaw clenching, and many other names.

TMJ symptoms are usually caused by spasms in the muscles of the head, neck, shoulders and back. And believe it or not, the cause of such spasms is the fact that the way your teeth fit together fails to align with the way that your jaw thinks they should fit together. The actual difference can be very small indeed, but it is enough to trigger the muscle spasms which lead to the headaches. So, your constant headaches can actually have nothing to do with migraines whatsoever!

If you are suffering from these sorts of symptoms, it may well be that you need oral surgeons for TMJ. At Oral Surgery San Francisco, our oral surgeons for TMJ can diagnose your individual situation and get to the bottom of your problems.

It Could Be Genetic But Can Also Be Caused By Injuries

Jaw misalignment can be a genetic condition. It can also be caused by sports injuries, whiplash, accidents, and so on. Most experts agree that the chief cause of headaches and neck ache is muscle spasms, but TMJ is often misdiagnosed because things such as muscle spasms do not show up on X-rays and CAT scans. They can also not show on the sorts of laboratory tests that a doctor will often order.

Another interesting point is that the Bay Area overall is a fairly stressful environment, especially in San Francisco and other major cities, so what might be tolerable out in the countryside in many places, can build up into bigger stresses here.

If, after reading this, you think that you could be suffering from TMJ, you need to book an appointment to see our oral surgeons for TMJ. Don’t delay, because TMJ can be a degenerative disease, and will only get worse. Our Dr. Alex Rabinovich has the very latest New Tom 3D imaging equipment, and this enables him to quickly obtain a full 3D picture of your jaw and the way that everything fits together.

If he does, indeed, diagnose that you are suffering from TMJ, then he will work with you to create a treatment plan in order to solve your problem.