Cleft Lip & Palate

In the Bay Area, when a baby is born with a cleft lip / cleft palate, parents can feel great concern and stress. Special care and attention for a child with a cleft lip is key and oral surgery is absolute. It’s important for parents to understand that cleft lip and cleft palate are common birth defects and happen to one in 700 babies a year. It is also true that children born with a cleft palate can lead a normal, healthy and happy life with the right care and support during their childhood.

Cleft Lip & Palate Oral Surgeon, San Francisco, CaliforniaSan Francisco has one of the best oral surgeons for cleft lip and palate in Dr. Alex Rabinovich. Dr. Rabinovich has had extensive training specializing in cleft lip and palate surgery for babies and children. He participates in medical missions abroad and has regularly performed cleft palate surgery on children. A family needs a team of pediatric professionals to support with the treatment of cleft palates throughout a child’s development. Dr. Rabinovich understands the issues that happen during childhood due to a cleft palate. As your child grows, Dr. Rabinovich will collaborate with your pediatrician, orthodontist and speech therapist to ensure the proper treatment for occurring cleft lip and palate issues throughout your child’s life.

Cleft Palate, Cleft Lip and the Choice of an Oral Surgeon

Cleft palate surgery can be performed at our state-of-the-art surgery center, located at 129 Sacramento Street in San Francisco (near the Embarcadero Center). Dr. Rabinovich, considered one of the best oral surgeons for cleft lip and cleft palate in San Francisco, will perform your child’s surgery in a comfortable and calm environment. The first appointment will begin with an oral examination. Dr. Rabinovich will fully evaluate the cleft palate and will discuss a treatment plan customized to your child’s needs. Remember, a cleft palate will require more visits over the year to ensure your child’s mouth is functioning normally.

Dental Insurance / Insurance Coverage

When searching for the best oral surgeon to handle cleft palate and cleft lip surgery, insurance should not be a barrier. Dr. Rabinovich not only offers top care in cleft palate surgery, his staff offers top customer service for evaluating insurance plans. All types of dental insurance is accepted such as; Delta Dental, Western Dental, Guardian, Ameritas, Humana, Renaissance Dental, Careington, Aetna, METLIFE, CIGNA Dental and several more. In many cases, your health insurance will also pay the costs. Check with us to see if we accept your in-network dental insurance provider when you call for an appointment. Once insurance coverage is confirmed, our supportive staff will help manage the dental insurance / health insurance paperwork and financing. If you need support with dental financing, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will walk you through every option to find the best payment plan to fit your budget.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Oral Surgery San Francisco today at (415) 817-9991.

Updated: 2/13/2016