Orthognathic (Jaw) Surgery

Jaw discrepancies with malocclusion are most commonly a result of unequal growth of the jaws, but may also be caused by trauma, tumors, or other disorders. While minor jaw discrepancies can sometimes be managed by orthodontics alone, more complex jaw deformities affect both function and facial appearance and require a combined surgical and orthodontic approach. Dr. Alex Rabinovich is known as one of the top orthognathic surgeons in the San Francisco Bay Area, in particular, and California in particular. If you or a loved one have jaw problems, please reach out to Dr. Rabinovich for a free consultation on your jaw surgery options. With his office in San Francisco, he is convenient to Bay Area cities such as Oakland, Palo Alto, and even Walnut Creek or Marin county.


A maxillofacial surgeon and an orthodontist usually work as a team to evaluate and treat the problem in a comprehensive way. The main goals of orthognathic surgery are to achieve a correct bite, an aesthetic face. Nasal breathing problems may also be addressed at the time of surgery.

Identifying the Best Jaw Surgeon / Orthognathic Surgeon for You

No two patients are alike, nor are any two surgeries. The reality is that there is no single best orthognathic surgeon in the Bay Area. Rather, you want a surgeon who will work with you on your jaw issues to identify the best treatment plan. Orthognathic surgery is performed in a hospital or a surgery center under general anesthesia and usually requires an overnight stay. One or both jaws may be treated depending on the problem at hand. Most patients take 4-6 weeks off from work or school in order to recuperate from the procedure.

Remember: no two patients are alike, and so Dr. Rabinovich will consult with you to explore your options and go over achievable results.

San Francisco Bay Area Orthognathic Surgeon (Jaw surgery)Orthognathic Surgery - Before and After - San Francisco, CaliforniaJaw Surgery - Before and After - San Francisco Bay Area

More on Orthognathic Surgery

There can be several reasons why you are considering jaw surgery. The jaw can be damaged through diseases such as tumors, or trauma from a car accident. Sometimes a person has had jaw problems since birth and has decided it is affecting their quality of life. In any case, your orthodontist may have suggested it’s time to meet with a maxillofacial surgeon to discuss orthognathic (jaw) surgery. In the Bay area, residents have access to one of the best surgeons for jaw surgery: Dr. Alex Rabinovich.

Dr. Rabinovich has extensive training and surgical experience in correcting a dysfunctional jaw. His main goal for your jaw surgery is to achieve a correct bite and normal facial appearance. If you are struggling with nasal, biting or jaw problems of any kind, Dr. Rabinovich understands the underlying problems you may be experiencing. His background includes cosmetic surgery, corrective jaw surgery, and facial reconstruction. If you are ready for a normal quality of life, jaw surgery from the best oral surgeon in San Francisco will help get you there.

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Updated: 10/3/2016