Wisdom Teeth Extraction In San Francisco Is Carried Out By An Oral Surgeon

Many people in San Francisco search for wisdom teeth extraction, but the reality is that the person who carries out this type of surgery is known as an oral surgeon, so one should really search for an oral surgeon for wisdom teeth. Oral surgery in San Francisco for Wisdom TeethFurthermore, you don’t just want to go to the first one you find. As with many things, some oral surgeons are better than others and our Dr Alex Rabinovich is known throughout the profession as one of the top oral surgeons not only in the Bay Area, but the whole of the US.

Indeed, Dr Rabinovich is regularly asked to speak at dental conventions not just in the US but across the world. His skills are renowned, and he works with each patient to determine the best course of action when wisdom teeth removal is required.

Wisdom teeth are the third molars and they are the last to erupt in the mouth. If they come through and are straight there is usually no problem, but unfortunately in the case of most people this does not happen. More often than not they will come through at an angle, they may only partially erupt, or they may remain completely trapped under the gum and bone.

Bacteria May Grow Causing An Infection

If the wisdom teeth are only partially erupted this can create an opening around them which may allow bacteria to grow and create an infection. The wisdom teeth may also force other teeth out of position as they try to find their way through the gum. The worst case scenario occurs when tumors or cysts form around the wisdom teeth which can result in healthy teeth and/or the jawbone becoming destroyed.

This is why it makes sense to see an oral surgeon for wisdom teeth as soon as any problem begins to appear. Your dentist may recommend you to an oral surgeon, but Dr Rabinovich suggests that you should always get a second opinion. No two patients are the same and neither are their problems with wisdom teeth. Dr Rabinovich offers all patients a completely free consult and assessment of their wisdom teeth. Using an oral examination and x-rays of the teeth and gums, Dr Rabinovich can ascertain if there are any present problems or likely future problems with your wisdom teeth.

All the evidence shows that an early assessment by an oral surgeon for wisdom teeth in San Francisco results in a better long term outcome for the patient. Call our office now on 415-817-9991 in order to make an appointment with Dr Rabinovich for your free consult.