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Despite Coronavirus, We Can Provide Emergency Oral Surgery

Emergency oral surgery in San Francisco is by definition an emergency and despite Coronavirus, we are still able to help you. Obviously, we work totally in compliance with the laws and regulations of the state, local, and federal authorities, but an emergency is still an emergency, no matter what. If you do have a serious problem, reach out to us for help. Continue reading

An Oral Surgeon In San Francisco Who Listens To His Patients

They don’t usually train surgeons in medical school to listen to their patients. It is assumed that the surgeon, by the time he is fully qualified, knows best, and to an extent this is true. He understands and can carry out the medical procedures required and obviously knows far more about it than the patient does, or probably ever will. Continue reading

Dr. Alex Rabinovich, a San Francisco Oral Surgeon Offering Wisdom Teeth Extraction, Announces New Blog Post on Tooth Replacement Options

San Francisco, California – June 29, 2017. Dr. Alex Rabinovich, a top oral surgeon in San Francisco, is proud to release a new blog post on the topic of tooth extraction. Taking short cuts for dental problems may not be beneficial to a Bay Area locals. Continue reading

Considering Wisdom Teeth Extraction in San Francisco? It’s Best to Get a Second Opinion.

It is a fact that many dentists in San Francisco do not undertake the extraction of wisdom teeth for the very simple reason that they have not been trained in this area. This is in much the same way as a surgeon who may remove your appendix may not be trained in brain surgery. In cases like this, your dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon – who is qualified in wisdom teeth extraction – if he considers wisdom teeth extraction in the San Francisco Bay Area is the right course of action. Continue reading

Dr. Alex Rabinovich, a Top Oral Surgeon in San Francisco, Announces Dual Information Strategy

July 24, 2016 – San Francisco, California. Dr. Alex Rabinovich, a top-rated oral surgeon in San Francisco, has announced the launch of a revitalized dual information strategy via two websites in July, 2016. One website, that of the San Francisco Dental Implant Center, focuses on dental implants and related issues. Continue reading

Being the Best Oral Surgeon in the Bay Area: Some Thoughts

How do you select the best oral surgeon for your particular needs? This is a question that we received very often from our San Francisco patients as well as our patients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. They might call on the phone, for example, and ask, how do we know that you are the best oral surgeon? Or they might ask for references, or they might check out reviews on social media sites such as Google or Yelp. Or they might ask their dentist or other referring physician for recommendations as for the best oral surgeon in the San Francisco Bay Area. Continue reading

Welcome to Our Blog on ‘Oral Surgery’ and San Francisco

We are very proud to announce our transition to the WordPress platform! Our forthcoming blog posts will touch on oral surgery issues, in a light and friendly vein to help patients understand the issues surrounding oral surgery procedures today. We will also share our love of San Francisco, and post interesting and informative items about the city by the Bay.

Oral Surgery, San Francisco CACheck back, soon, for some informative blogging! (And some press releases, we might add!).