The Best Jaw Surgeon for any type of Bay Area Jaw Surgery

There are two sorts of jaw surgery in San Francisco. One is emergency surgery, as for instance after a car or motorcycle accident. The other sort is what is described as elective, or optional surgery. This is something that you might plan to have done if you have something such as a drastic underbite or over bite.Jaw surgery San Francisco

Whichever sort of problem you have, you obviously want the best jaw surgeon in San Francisco to handle it for you, and that would be Dr Alex Rabinovich. Based in the Financial District, Dr Rabinovich is a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and has many years of experience of jaw surgery of all types. Jaw problems with malocclusion are most usually a result of the growth of the jaws being unequal, but they can also be caused by tumors, trauma, or other disorders.

Sometimes, minor jaw problems can be managed by orthodontics on their own, but more complicated deformities can affect not only the appearance but the function of the jaw. These sorts of problems need a combined orthodontics and surgical approach. The chief object of orthognathic surgery here in San Francisco is to achieve the correct bite and restore the facial appearance.

Several Reasons For Jaw Surgery in San Francisco

There can be several reasons for electing to have jaw surgery San Francisco. In some cases, a person may have had a jaw deformity since birth and has decided that it is affecting their quality of life. It may also cause nasal problems in addition. There is no doubt that, apart from any functional problems, there can be a damaging effect on one’s self-confidence. In younger people it may also result in bullying in school.

In any event, the truth is that no two patients are the same and no two jaw surgeries are the same. You need a jaw surgeon who will work with you to ascertain the best form of treatment for your particular problem. Orthognathic surgery is performed in a hospital or surgery and involves a general anesthetic. Either one or both jaws may be treated at the same time, dependent on the particular problem. The surgery usually requires an overnight stay, and most patients will need to take between four and six weeks off work or school in order to recuperate fully.

Dr Rabinovich has many years of training and practical day to day experience under his belt, and his objective with your jaw surgery San Francisco is to achieve a perfect bite and facial appearance. He is only too familiar with the sorts of problems that you may be experiencing, and his target will be to help you to achieve the sort of quality of life that you deserve.