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Despite Coronavirus, We Can Provide Emergency Oral Surgery

Emergency oral surgery in San Francisco is by definition an emergency and despite Coronavirus, we are still able to help you. Obviously, we work totally in compliance with the laws and regulations of the state, local, and federal authorities, but an emergency is still an emergency, no matter what. If you do have a serious problem, reach out to us for help. Continue reading

Oral Surgery San Francisco Announces New Post on Not Delaying Wisdom Teeth Removal Any Longer Than Necessary

San Francisco, California – May 28, 2020. San Francisco Oral Surgery, a professional clinic focused on high-quality oral surgery outcomes for Bay Area residents, announces a new post on wisdom teeth removal and the importance of not postponing procedures any longer than necessary. Continue reading

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Oral Surgery San Francisco Announces Follow Up Post on Finding the Best Oral Surgeon in San Francisco

San Francisco, California – April 29, 2020. Oral Surgery San Francisco, serving the Bay Area and led by Dr. Alex Rabinovich, DDS, MD, is proud to announce a follow-up post on the popular topic of identifying the best oral surgeon in San Francisco. Continue reading

It Is Not a Good Idea to Delay Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Bay Area Options

Procrastination is a human vice. We all do it. We procrastinate paying our taxes. We procrastinate saving for retirement. We go for the “pleasure of the moment” (candy) and ignore the vice of the future (tooth decay). Well, your wisdom teeth aren’t waiting. They’re growing like little time bombs in your mouth to cause you problems later. Continue reading