At Oral Surgery San Francisco, We Make Wisdom Teeth Removal Nearly Pain-Free

Look, we understand. Wisdom teeth removal is not something that anyone in San Francisco looks forward to. Unfortunately, it is something which most people need.Wisdom teeth removal as pain-free as possible.

Your wisdom teeth are your third molars, and they are called “wisdom teeth” because they do not erupt in your mouth until your mid to late teens. By this age, you are deemed to have achieved a certain amount of wisdom – although not all parents would agree with this!

In fact, if you have achieved a certain amount of wisdom you will make an appointment to see us and have your wisdom teeth checked over, even if they are not actually causing you any pain.

This is because of a process that has been going on for thousands of years. Back in the day, caveman needed wisdom teeth to help chew raw meats and so on, because in those days there were no microwaves to cook them. Over the years, we have evolved, and because we don’t need them, our jaws have become smaller. Wisdom teeth are a bit like your appendix: you don’t need that either, but that doesn’t usually cause any problems.

The Good News Is That Some People Do Not Need Them Removed

In some cases, the wisdom teeth grow perfectly straight and cause no problems, in which case the good news is that you don’t need them removed. The bad news is that in most cases there is not enough room for them so they grow sideways, push other teeth out of alignment, leave gaps in which bacteria can breed and cause gum disease, remain impacted, and other unpleasant issues. This is why you will need your wisdom teeth removed.

If you don’t have them removed, they can cause swelling, stiffness, pain, and disease. This can result in the destruction of healthy teeth and the jawbone. In the worst-case scenario, they can cause tumors. So if you have wisdom, you will want San Francisco wisdom teeth removal.

All right, having your wisdom teeth removed is no fun. We get that. At the same time, while it requires the services of an expert oral surgeon, it is not quite on a level with brain surgery. And at Oral Surgery San Francisco we take every care to put you at ease and make the whole process as painless and straightforward as possible.

In most cases, it only takes 30 – 40 minutes to remove all four wisdom teeth. Certainly, you may only need, say, two removed at the moment, but if the others are left and then go on to cause problems you are going to have to come back for a second round. In most cases of San Francisco wisdom teeth removal, it is best to have all four removed at once and then you can be certain that you will have no further issues.

Photo credit: Dave Dugdale via / CC BY-SA