San Francisco Oral Surgeon, Dr. Alex Rabinovich Releases Blog Post on Wisdom Teeth Removal and Second Opinions

San Francisco, California – November 29, 2016. Dr. Alex Rabinovich, a leading oral surgeon in San Francisco, is proud to announce a new blog post on the importance of second opinions vis-a-vis wisdom teeth extractions. If San Francisco residents need to remove wisdom teeth, searching for a second opinion from an oral surgeon can be a smart decision, even when they have received a recommendation from their dentists.

Wisdom Teeth San Francisco

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Oral surgery may require more than removing wisdom teeth, for example.

“When it comes to evaluating wisdom teeth, it’s important to visit a skilled professional who has seen it all,” explained Dr. Alex Rabinovich of Oral Surgery San Francisco. “An oral surgeon not only knows how to evaluate wisdom teeth, but the underlying issues a dentist may not be aware of. I recommend patients who need to remove their wisdom teeth make sure to get a second opinion to ensure a normal recovery.”

To review the new blog post for wisdom teeth removal in San Francisco, please visit: Oral surgery for wisdom tooth removal may require a second opinion. It is recommended patients needing oral surgery start with a consultation to evaluate specific issues. Please note that for those interested in dental implants, they should visit the companion site for San Francisco Dental Implant Center.

Wisdom Teeth in San Francisco Get a Second Look by an Oral Surgeon

Wisdom teeth removal can be routine for San Francisco dentists and some oral surgeons. Normally, the reason for pulling out wisdom teeth can be the lack of space in the mouth. Teeth can become impacted causing painful problems for the patient. Scheduling a routine wisdom tooth surgery can quickly solve the problem and bring the patient’s mouth back to normal quickly. Yet, if other issues in the mouth go undetected, recovery from a common oral surgery can cause uncommon problems. While evaluating a patient for wisdom teeth surgery, noticing underlying issues concerning jaw structure specific to the patient can be beyond the knowledge of some oral surgeons or dentists. For this reason, it may be wise to consult with an independent oral surgeon for a second opinion before scheduling the wisdom teeth removal surgery in San Francisco.

An oral surgeon experienced in corrective jaw surgery may have a better understanding of the overall impact of wisdom teeth removal for a specific patient. Problems in the mouth found during a second opinion can help the patient decide the best way to have wisdom teeth removed.

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