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Oral Surgery San Francisco Announces Posts on Wisdom Teeth Removal and the Need for an Innovative Jaw Surgeon in the Bay Area

San Francisco, California – November 24, 2020. San Francisco Oral Surgery, a team of oral surgeons working in San Francisco, California, is proud to announce three new posts on wisdom teeth extraction and the need for an innovative oral surgeon. Many Bay Area residents are on the younger side and thus are good candidates for wisdom teeth extraction. Continue reading

Many Sleep Apnea Issues Can Be Solved Using Surgery Right Here in San Francisco

Sleep apnea is a condition which results in pauses in breathing, or shallow breaths, occurring. Pauses can last from several seconds to a few minutes. This often follows loud snoring. Some 40 million Americans suffer from chronic snoring, with quite a few here in San Francisco among them. Continue reading

Oral Surgery San Francisco Announces Post on Wisdom Teeth Removal and the Need for a Specialized Oral Surgeon

San Francisco, California – September 29, 2020. Oral Surgery San Francisco, serving the Bay Area and led by Dr. Alex Rabinovich, DDS, MD, is proud to announce a new post in its series on the need for clients to do their homework when selecting an oral surgeon to remove their wisdom teeth. Continue reading

Unfortunately, Wisdom Teeth Will Not Stop Growing Because of Coronavirus

Those pesky wisdom teeth do not stop growing just because there’s a pandemic. Sadly. However, more and more people are putting off these “elective” surgeries. We’re doing everything we can to comply with the laws and regulations in San Francisco, but we’re also looking forward to the legal and orderly re-opening. Continue reading