How Do You Define The BEST Oral Surgeon In the San Francisco Bay Area?

If you are in need of an oral surgeon in SF you quite obviously want the best oral surgeon in San Francisco. The problem is: how do you go about deciding who that ‘best surgeon’ is?

Best oral surgeons in SF

Photo credit: zoxcleb via / CC BY-SA

Is it measured by his or her years of experience? Is it the surgeon with the prettiest office with paintings hanging on the wall? Is it the surgeon with the best reviews online? If you need wisdom teeth extracted, is it the surgeon who does nothing else but wisdom teeth extraction? Is it the one who has expertise in every aspect of oral surgery and performs many different kinds of operation?

When push comes to shove, finding the best oral surgeons in SF for your needs is far more tricky than it first looks, especially when you don’t know anything about oral surgery!

However, we have a few ideas to help you in your search.

First and foremost there are probably no such things as “the BEST oral surgeons in SF.” With that said, you can obviously narrow your choice to someone who has many years of experience and has performed thousands of successful operations. With the best will in the world, you probably don’t want someone who only qualified yesterday. You probably DO want a surgeon who is capable of carrying out any form of oral surgery, rather than one who is a specialist in – for example – wisdom teeth, but rarely performs any other type of oral surgery, particularly if what you need is dental implants or facial trauma surgery!

Yes, it’s not an easy choice.

The Most Important Patient Is The One Here Right Now

We believe, as does our Dr Alex Rabinovich, that the best oral surgeon in San Francisco for your needs is the one who strives to be the best for EACH INDIVIDUAL PATIENT. Dr Rabinovich has always believed that the most important patient he has ever had is the one who is in front of him right now. As a top oral surgeon he is familiar with every type of operation, but he understands that (a) you don’t know that, and (b) you are probably frightened – if not scared stiff – of any sort of surgery, as indeed is 99% of the population.

Trust us: Dr Rabinovich and his team take every care to ensure that the first thing is to put you at your ease. This is why he offers a totally free consult to every patient when he can assess your problem, decide upon the best course of action, and then explain it to you in simple terms rather than using medical jargon. Then he leaves it to you to decide whether you wish to proceed.

As we said, there is probably no such thing as the very BEST oral surgeon, but there is no shadow of doubt that Dr Rabinovich is right up there among the best oral surgeons in SF. This is why he is frequently called upon to lecture at dental conventions when other oral surgeons come along to listen to his ideas.

So if you have any form of problem requiring oral surgery you want to be in the safe hands of an acknowledged expert. Call the office on (415) 817-9991 or click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page to book your free consult with Dr Rabinovich. After all, it is only right that you be the judge.

Photo credit: zoxcleb via / CC BY-SA