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If You Need Oral Surgery, It May Be Cosmetic, but Then Again Maybe Not

“Cosmetic” is a somewhat derogatory term when it comes to surgery. It might be taken to mean “non-essential”. It could also be a term used by an insurance company when it doesn’t want to cover you for certain things. So, your health insurance may cover you for “essential” surgery but not for certain other procedures. Continue reading

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery San Francisco Announces New Post on Wisdom Teeth Extraction Issues

August 27, 2021 – San Francisco, California. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery San Francisco, a team of top-rated oral surgeons is proud to announce a new post on the topic of wisdom teeth extraction for San Francisco residents. The post argues that procrastinating on oral surgery can result in increased pain and discomfort from impacted wisdom teeth. Continue reading

Oral Surgery San Francisco Offers the Finest Bay Area Surgery

San Francisco, California – May 31, 2021. We are very fortunate in the Bay Area that San Francisco is a center of excellence when it comes to oral surgery! We have many – some may say “too many” – top-rated oral surgeons here. So, if you are in need of oral surgery, how do you make a choice? How do you find the best oral surgery in the Bay Area? Continue reading

If You Have Jaw Problems, Oral Surgery SF Offers a Free Consultation

Your jaw, teeth, mouth, and appearance are all very important. Not just for how you look but also for your health. Yet some people suffer from jaw issues for years without doing anything about them which is so unnecessary. We live in the 21st century today, and we have procedures available to handle all type of issues with the jaw and mouth so there is no need to suffer in silence. Continue reading