An Oral Surgeon In San Francisco Who Listens To His Patients

They don’t usually train surgeons in medical school to listen to their patients. It is assumed that the surgeon, by the time he is fully qualified, knows best, and to an extent this is true. He understands and can carry out the medical procedures required and obviously knows far more about it than the patient does, or probably ever will.

Oral Surgeon San Francisco, California

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However, our Dr Rabinovich believes that a very big part of his job is to be an oral surgeon who listens to what his patients have to say and tackles their concerns. Oral surgery is not something to be undertaken lightly and Dr Rabinovich is one of the leading experts in his field in the Bay Area. He can undertake the most complex surgery, and the results that he achieves from the purely physical point of view are quite breathtaking.

The Highest Quality Of Life

But Dr Rabinovich is most concerned to achieve not just the required physical transformation, but to restore to his patient the highest quality of life possible. That is why, as an oral surgeons who listens, he will give you all the time you need to explain any misgivings that you may have and to understand your expectations and hopes for the future.

For instance, a model who suffers facial trauma in a car accident, for example, will be put under a considerable amount of stress worrying about her future lifestyle and whether or not she will be able to return to modelling. Part of Dr Rabinovich’s job, as he sees it, is to help his patient to have a worry-free life even if she will not be able to return to modelling. He is the leading oral surgeon in the Bay Area but sometimes injuries are so severe that they cannot be completely restored.

Facial Disfigurement

Many patients come to see Dr Rabinovich as a result of facial disfigurement such as an underbite or an overbite. Such things will almost always make the patient feel “abnormal” and create a total lack of self-confidence. In such cases, Dr Rabinovich is able to create a transformation that will make the patient look – in his own eyes – normal, and therefore he or she regains the confidence that they once had.

This is why Dr Rabinovich takes such trouble to be an oral surgeon who listens to his patients. He can undertake the actual surgery and produces superb results, but his aim is always to see that his patient’s quality of life is the highest that it can be. He offers a free consult to all patients, when he will LISTEN to your concerns and put you at your ease. You can arrange an appointment with Dr Rabinovich by calling 415-817-9991 or clicking on the Contact Us link at the top of the page.

Photo credit: NEC Corporation of America via / CC BY