Top Reasons Why We Love The Bay Area

As oral surgeons, we naturally spend most of our working week in the office, but as born and bred San Franciscans we love the city and the surrounding countryside. Here are the top reasons why we love the Bay Area and like to get out and about on our days off.San Francisco Bay Area

Tony Bennett, of course, left his heart here in San Francisco, loving being high on a hill, cable cars, and the fog. What he didn’t mention was the amazing award-winning loo at Union Square women’s Macy’s. Featuring a chandelier with a carved ceiling medallion, Italian marble, and an art deco design, it is the number one place in SF for us girls to go number one.

Among other reasons why we love the Bay Area is Golden Gate Park, and in particular we love the statue of John McLaren who was superintendent of the park for 53 years. Ironically, he hated statues and did everything he could to keep them out of the park. We also love the wild parrots which can be found here, as they can almost everywhere else in SF, and they have even been seen in East Bay.


Obviously we love to visit Chinatown which is actually the largest Chinese community outside Asia itself. Street lamps in Grant Avenue with dragons on them (where else could you see that?) and plenty of shops for both tourists and us locals.

When we go to Dolores Park we always make a point of visiting the golden fire hydrant which gets a fresh coat of paint every year in honor of it being the only working hydrant during the Quake and saving the Mission District from destruction.

Big Basin Redwoods State Park. We take the Redwood Loop Trail as it’s only a half mile walk and takes in some of the tallest trees including the Mother and Father of the Forest. We also like the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve on Moss Beach. Go on a low tide when you can find sea urchins, crabs, anemones, and sea stars. Unfortunately, you can’t take the dog.

Hawk Hill In September And October

Another outdoor trip in September and October is to Hawk Hill to watch the eagles, falcons, and hawks as they begin their winter migration to the south.

One more of the reasons why we love the Bay Area, and when we are feeling really in need of pampering, is being able to take a wine tour to Napa Valley and Sonoma wineries. We take a luxury coach over the Golden Gate Bridge where there are great views of Alcatraz and the Bay Area, and are driven through the rolling hills to enjoy wine tasting at three different vineyards. It’s a great day out, and we always come back home with a bottle or three!