Wisdom Teeth Removal Is Not Stupid – In Fact It’s The Smart Thing To Do

Some people are of the opinion that wisdom teeth extraction is a stupid thing to do. However, the opposite is the truth. It’s the smart thing to do. If you have ever heard the expression “a stitch in time saves nine” it could be very aptly applied to having wisdom teeth removed.San Francisco wisdom teeth extraction.

People tend to put off having wisdom teeth extraction in San Francisco for a number of reasons. One of these is the fear of pain, and it is certainly true that there may be a couple of days of discomfort after having wisdom teeth removed, but it is nothing terribly severe, and nothing that a few ibuprofen won’t take care of. A couple of days of discomfort is a small price to pay for a lifetime free from any of the problems that can be caused by leaving them where they are.

Few And Far Between

Some lucky people have no problem with wisdom teeth, as they grow perfectly straight and without causing damage to the surrounding teeth or jawbone, but those people are few and far between. In the vast majority of the population the wisdom teeth do not have enough space to grow and therefore grow at an angle causing damage to other teeth and creating ideal conditions for bacteria to grow leading to infection.

It is even possible for tumors or cysts to form around impacted wisdom teeth which can result in destruction of the jawbone and otherwise perfectly healthy surrounding teeth. You can begin to see why we recommend early removal of wisdom teeth and why it is actually the smart thing to do.

The other big reason that people in San Francisco put off having wisdom teeth extraction is, of course, the cost of the minor operation itself. This is where we can help because we accept insurance from a large number of insurance companies including all of the major ones used by most employers in the Bay Area.

If it should be the case that your employer uses an insurer that we do not accept this will still not prevent you from having your wisdom teeth extraction performed by Dr Rabinovich, who is regarded as the top oral surgeon in the Bay Area. We also have a very wide range of finance options available from specialist health insurers such as CareCredit and Chase Health Advance. The latter company actually provides some plans with no deposit and some that are interest-free. So you will be able to look Suze Orman in the eye and say “Yes, I CAN afford it!”

So do the smart thing and call the office to discuss your wisdom teeth with Dr Rabinovich. He offers all patients a completely free consult when he can answer all your questions.