Delaying Wisdom Teeth Extraction is Normal, If Not Smart

Wisdom teeth extraction in San Francisco.

Photo credit: zoxcleb via / CC BY-SA

Many people who have a problem with their wisdom teeth put off going to the dentist because they perceive that having teeth extracted may be painful. This is only natural. However, leaving wisdom teeth alone and putting up with pain and discomfort that they may

be causing can lead to further problems down the line.

When wisdom teeth come through naturally and they align correctly and the gum tissue is healthy they will be just fine and do not need to be removed. However, it’s an unfortunate fact of life that this is hardly ever the case. The wisdom teeth are the last molars to come through, or “erupt” as the medical profession calls it, and they usually do not have the space they need to grow correctly. They can grow sideways, or they can only partially emerge from the gum. They can even get trapped under the gum and jawbone. They can take up many different positions as they try to find their way towards erupting successfully.

When this happens, wisdom teeth extraction is the only answer. Having your wisdom teeth removed will not make any difference to how you chew or eat, because in a sense they are surplus to requirements in much the same way that your appendix is. But securing wisdom teeth extraction here in San Francisco will make all the difference to the future health of your gums and mouth.

Many Dentists Recommend Dr Rabinovich For Wisdom Teeth Removal

Some people in San Francisco will go to their dentist for wisdom teeth removal, but the much better option is to see a specialist oral surgeon such as Dr Alex Rabinovich. In fact, many of Dr Rabinovich’s San Francisco patients who need wisdom teeth extraction come to see him because they have been referred to him by their dentists who know him as an expert on wisdom teeth. A general dentist might be compared to a general builder who can do all sorts of different jobs. However, if you need your home re-wired you wouldn’t call a general builder, you would call a specialist – in this example an electrician. The same thing applies to wisdom teeth extraction – you need a specialist.

Dr Rabinovich has a state-of-the-art surgery here in the Financial District and can evaluate the position of your erupting or partially erupted wisdom teeth to see if there are any present problems, and equally importantly to understand problems that are going to occur a few weeks or months later. Studies have shown that early removal of wisdom teeth that are going to become a problem produces a better overall outcome for the patient.

Photo credit: zoxcleb via / CC BY-SA