When You Need Emergency Oral Surgery in SF You Need the Best Surgeon

It is a sad fact that many people ignore problems with their wisdom teeth, or worse still don’t even know that there is a problem. Technically, they are your third molars and they don’t generally start growing until mid-teens up until about 25.The best emergency oral surgeon in SF.

In many ways they are like your appendix, because you don’t actually need them, and they can cause you problems. They are called wisdom teeth because they start growing at an age when you are thought to have learned some wisdom. That may be the case with a lot of things in life, but strangely, often not about wisdom teeth.

You Should Have A Check Up for Your Wisdom Teeth, But Many People Do Not

As far as your teeth are concerned, you should really have a check up every six months. However, many people in San Francisco do not, and the result is that wisdom teeth can start growing and causing problems before you become aware of them. Some people have no problems with wisdom teeth whatsoever, but they are in a very small minority.

In the vast majority of cases they need to be removed, but if you don’t have a dental check up you may not even know that they have already started to cause damage. They can start causing problems for your jawbone and nearby teeth because they usually do not have enough space in which to grow, but the first sign that you may notice is pain – by which time they could have caused other damage.

At this point you may need emergency oral surgery in San Francisco, which is why you would need to see our Dr Rabinovich quickly. As a specialist oral surgeon, Dr Rabinovich has helped hundreds of people who needed emergency oral surgery in San Francisco, along with thousands more who were not in quite such a desperate state.

If you are suffering pain from your wisdom teeth book an immediate appointment to see Dr Rabinovich. He makes no charge for a consult and he won’t judge you either. He is simply here to help in any way that he can when you need emergency oral surgery in San Francisco. If that means that he has to work out of hours, so be it: an emergency is an emergency.

Whatever else you do, don’t leave it a moment longer. The damage that can be done by infected wisdom teeth can cause problems to internal organs and can also damage your jawbone, in some cases causing a benign tumor requiring partial removal of the jawbone, so book in to see Dr Rabinovich without delay. It is simply not worth taking any risks, and Dr Rabinovich is here to help.