Wisdom Teeth can be the Cause of an Emergency, but You don’t need 911 for Wisdom Teeth Removal in San Francisco

You might think that an emergency is when you dial 911 and get picked up by an ambulance. However, not all emergencies are quite as urgent as that: you could have a jaw-related accident or erupted wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth can create an emergency.

Photo credit: zoxcleb via Foter.com / CC BY-SA

You may want an emergency oral surgeon and Dr Rabinovich is one such, but you can come by MUNI or BART rather than troubling the ambulance service.

Partially erupted wisdom teeth can cause various problems. There is an opening around the tooth and this will eventually allow bacteria to grow which causes an infection. In turn this causes swelling, stiffness, illness, and of course pain. The pressure from erupting wisdom teeth can actually force neighboring teeth out of position. Another thing which can occur is the formation of cysts or tumors around the partially impacted teeth which can result in the destruction of jawbone and the surrounding teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Usually Do Cause Problems If Left

For these reasons it is advisable to have the teeth examined by a qualified oral surgeon in San Francisco such as Dr Rabinovich in the mid-teens. This enables him to ascertain whether the wisdom teeth will cause any problems as they grow. It is actually possible for the wisdom teeth to have enough space to erupt normally, in which case they will not require removal, but this happens only rarely. Wisdom teeth do usually cause problems if left to themselves, resulting in the need for the attention of an emergency oral surgeon. For this reason, it is usually recommended to have early wisdom teeth removal in order to prevent problems from developing later on. Studies have been carried out that have shown that this produces a better outcome for the patient.

Wisdom teeth removal is usually carried out under local anesthesia or general anesthesia and is not a long process. Our offices in San Francisco are located in the financial district, convenient to both BART and MUNI. All four wisdom teeth can usually be extracted in less than an hour, and the patient is then allowed to rest in our office until he or she feels ready to be taken home. When you leave the office, you are given postoperative instructions and a prescription for pain medication and antibiotics. A follow up appointment is necessary a week later for the removal of the sutures.

Wisdom teeth problems should never be ignored. If you have any indications that there may be a problem forming, it is better to have it treated early rather than leaving it until things get worse and needing the services of an emergency oral surgeon. The old expression is “a stitch in time saves nine” and it is true of wisdom teeth. If you live or work in San Francisco, give our office a call. “Oral surgeons are standing by,” as they say.

Photo credit: zoxcleb via Foter.com / CC BY-SA