Considering Dental Implants in San Francisco? Consider an Oral Surgeon

If you are thinking about having dental implants to replace missing teeth, then you are definitely moving in the right direction. There are other ways to replace missing teeth such as a bridge, but that involves cutting down two perfectly good teeth on the side of the missing one.

Oral surgeon for dental implants in San Francisco, California

Photo credit: Dave Dugdale via / CC BY-SA

You could also have a crown fitted if the tooth is damaged but the root is all right, and it might last for a few years.

Of course, another alternative is dentures, but ask anyone who has them and they will tell you that they are anything from “all right” to absolutely dreadful. They can so easily become loose in your mouth and you can’t use them to chew things as you did with your real teeth. As for embarrassment, it is not unknown for people with dentures to laugh out loud at a joke and have their dentures fly out of their mouth! You also have to take them out every night and sterilize them. Ugh!

Dental implants, however, are the Rolls Royce of missing tooth replacement, because they act exactly as your original tooth did. However, you do need an oral surgeon for dental implants, not just a general dentist. Some general dentists do, in fact, carry out dental implant work sometimes, but they are not specialists. You need an oral surgeon for dental implants who carries out the work every day and so is an expert.

We have said this before, but it is worth repeating: if you needed your home rewired you would have it done by an electrician, not by a general builder who sometimes does electrical work. Likewise, if you want your new Bentley serviced you would take it to your Bentley dealer, not Joe’s garage on the corner.

It Is The Same With Dental Implants: an Oral Surgeon is What You Need

It is the same with dental implants: you need someone who is a San Francisco oral surgeon who carries out dental implant work all the time. The point is that everyone’s mouth is different, so you need an expert who has all the answers. There are a few people who are not actually suitable for dental implants because they do not have sufficient jawbone, for example. A general dentist might not recognize this and could proceed and cause further damage, whereas an oral surgeon for dental implants would know that the patient was not suitable and would refuse to attempt the work.

Our Dr Rabinovich is a specialist dental implant surgeon and he offers all patients a free consult. If he assesses that you are not a suitable candidate, he will tell you so. (Don’t worry, most people are, but if you are one of the small minority he will tell you).

Dental implants really are what might be described as “the cat’s whiskers”. There is nothing whatsoever that compares with them.

Photo credit: Dave Dugdale via / CC BY-SA