Old Timie Tooth Extractions in San Francisco were a Barber’s Business

San Francisco is one of the oldest cities in the US, having been founded on June 29th 1776. Back in those days, if you needed a tooth extraction San Francisco you went to the barber’s shop where they would carry out tooth extraction without anesthesia! You would have to be in pretty severe pain before undergoing that!Tooth extraction without anesthesia?

Fortunately, in today’s world things have progressed a long way, and now you can have tooth extraction San Francisco carried out by a properly trained oral surgeon, such as our Dr Alex Rabinovich. The good news is that he does use anesthetic!

Your wisdom teeth are your third molars and they usually erupt – which is the term an oral surgeon uses – through the gum in middle teens onward. Sometimes, if there is enough room for them, they will grow perfectly straight and cause no problems, but unfortunately this is rare, and they need to be extracted.

Human Beings Have Evolved

This is because human beings have evolved over the years. Several thousand years ago, caveman needed wisdom teeth to chew thick and heavy foods, but today we eat softer foods, so our wisdom teeth are no longer needed. This is in much the same way that we no longer need our appendix. Over the years, our faces have evolved so that our jaws are smaller, and we don’t have room for the wisdom teeth to grow.

What then happens is that they try to force their way through the gum and can grow at an angle, push other teeth out of the way, and generally cause all sorts of problems. This is why we need wisdom tooth extraction San Francisco, or at least, most of us do. It is rare for wisdom teeth to grow correctly, so if yours do you are just very lucky.

Our Dr Rabinovich is a highly skilled oral surgeon who can perform wisdom tooth extraction in San Francisco. He uses the latest CAT scanner to see the position of the wisdom teeth as they are growing and he can then determine whether they will grow straight or whether there will be future problems. If there are going to be problems, then it is best if they are removed as soon as possible because studies have shown that early evaluation and treatment results in the best outcome for the patient.

Wisdom tooth removal is usually done using a local anesthetic or light general anesthetic in our office in San Francisco. Once the tooth or teeth have been removed, the gum is sutured. You then rest in the office for perhaps an hour until you are ready to be taken home.