If You Need your Wisdom Teeth Removed, it Could Cost You if You Leave It

Many people who are having problems with their wisdom teeth try to put things off because they are worried about wisdom teeth removal cost in San Francisco. Of course, there is a cost, but it may be covered by dental insurance if you have it.Wisdom teeth removal

However, putting things off is not a good idea. Certainly, there is the thought of wisdom teeth removal cost in San Francisco, but there is also the thought of pain. Nobody is going to say that wisdom teeth removal is pain free, because it is, after all, a form of surgery, but with the anesthetics and the pain relief that we have today in the 21st century, that should be the least of anyone’s worries.

Yes, it may be uncomfortable for two or three days after having wisdom teeth removed, but the cost in terms of dental health could be considerably greater than leaving them and hoping for the best.

It is quite true that some people never need to have their wisdom teeth removed, but they are in an exceedingly small minority. The vast majority of us do need to have them removed.

You Might Wonder Why

You might wonder why this is. Why do we grow something that we don’t need? The answer is that we have evolved as a species. Back in the day, early caveman needed wisdom teeth in order to chew tough plants that were needed for food. That was before cooking evolved. Today, we can cook, and our diet has changed, so we don’t need these extra teeth anymore, any more than we need our appendix or our coccyx.

However, the appendix and the coccyx don’t usually cause any problems, but the wisdom teeth do because our jaws have got smaller and the wisdom teeth cannot find a way to erupt, or get through, in most cases. The result is that they can push other teeth out of the way, damage gums, partially erupt, and more, all of which causes damage when we actually don’t need them anyway! What better reason could there be for having wisdom teeth removed?

Yet still some people worry about wisdom teeth removal cost in San Francisco. As we said, there is a cost, as an oral surgeon is not going to work for nothing, but it is very small compared with the amount of damage that those wisdom teeth can do if you don’t have them removed.

Our Dr Rabinovich provides all patients with a totally free consult, so if you are having problems with your wisdom teeth, or even if you are not – YET – book an appointment to see him so that he can assess your wisdom teeth and advise you on the best course of action. You never know, you might be one of the lucky ones who don’t need them removed!