Migraines, San Francisco, and TMJ Surgery: Problems and Options

If you have been diagnosed as suffering from migraines, there is good news and bad news. TMJ Surgery in San Francisco, CaliforniaThe first is that you may be suffering from migraines, which are bad enough, but the unfortunate fact is that you could also have been misdiagnosed. Yes, constant headaches can be a result of migraines, but they could also be the result of TMJ disorder, and that may require the services of a San Francisco oral surgeon for TMJ. (That’s the beginning of the good news. First, you live in a city that has a wonderful TMJ surgeon in Dr. Rabinovich, and second, there are great treatments available).

TMJ is known by a number of names but it is short for Temporomandibular Joint Disorders. It is also known as bruxism, jaw-clenching, tooth grinding, and several other names, but it is often triggered by a misalignment in the way the teeth fit together and the way that your jaw wants them to fit. What this does is lead to muscle spasms in the muscles around the jaw and those supporting the neck and head, and in turn that leads to headaches which can easily be misinterpreted as migraines.

Misalignment of the jaw can be caused by sports injuries, auto accidents, and whiplash, all of which can lead to the pain caused by the fact that the jaw is out of alignment. Most experts agree that the usual cause of head and neck pain is muscle spasm, yet muscle spasms don’t show up on X-rays, MRI’s, or blood tests that are often ordered, and this is why they can often be wrongly diagnosed as migraines.

Strong Pain Medication, But Still No Pain Relief

Unfortunately, the patient can then often be put on strong pain medication, which can also become addictive, without any resultant pain relief.

Another problem is that the Bay Area is a stressful environment in which to live and work. We know today that stress is a major cause of illness of all sorts, and in the 21st century it has only got worse. This can cause an increase in pain which is seemingly never-ending. Part of the problem may be that you have been diagnosed with migraines by doctors whose abilities you respect and have no reason to question, even though you are still in pain.

If you consider that you may need a San Francisco oral surgeon for TMJ we urge you to make an appointment for a consultation with Dr Alex Rabinovich. The reason is that TMJ can be a degenerative problem which will only get worse unless it is treated. Dr Rabinovich is the foremost San Francisco oral surgeon for TMJ and if he diagnoses that your problems are caused by it, he will create a specific treatment plan just for you.

It may be that you are not suffering from TMJ, but it is better to find out and catch it early if that is the case.