All Surgeons Are Specialists, Even “General” Surgeons

All surgeons specialize. Even what we call a “general surgeon” is actually a specialist, specializing in surgery primarily in the central part of the body. Every surgeon is a specialist including oral surgeonsWell, a San Francisco oral surgery specialist or oral surgeon is someone who focuses on the mouth and jaw. If you have any kind of problem affecting your mouth or jaw – and many people do suffer such problems – then you need the services of our Dr Rabinovich or Dr Sandler as they are each an oral surgery specialist right here in San Francisco. One of the most “mundane” operations is to get your wisdom teeth removed. Nearly everyone needs this operation, technically done when a person is past-puberty, usually about 16 or 17 but maybe as late as in your 20’s or even 30’s if you didn’t get it done.

Unfortunately, life can dish out some unpleasant experiences. We can all suffer ill health, and nobody is immune. It can arrive in many different forms, attacking different parts of the body. Certainly, some people are the “lucky ones” and somehow seem to get away with it, but for most of us, ill health can occur from time to time.

A lot of it may be in our genes and handed down from generation to generation. That is no great comfort, because when you suffer any sort of problem that affects your health it is bad news. Sometimes ill health problems can be solved by doctors prescribing medicines – things that respond to antibiotics, for example. But if you suffer a problem because, say, your jawbone didn’t grow the way that most people’s do, then antibiotics and medicines are not going to cure it. This is more basic and is to do with the structure of the body. It has somehow got out of alignment and the only way to fix it is to restructure the faulty issue back to the way it should have grown in the first place.

This Is Why You Need An Oral Surgery Specialist here in the Bay Area

This is why, if you have any sort of jaw, teeth, or nasal problems, you need an oral surgery specialist to resolve the problem. A general surgeon won’t be able to do it, and neither will a brain surgeon. That is not to decry either of them. They are both specialists. As oral surgeons, our doctors are not qualified to carry out brain surgery, for example.

But what they are very good at is their own specialty. The human body is made up of many different parts, and no surgeon could ever handle all of them. So if you are suffering from any sort of jaw or mouth problems, you need to talk to Dr Rabinovich or Dr Sandler. They can deal with such problems as wisdom teeth removal, bone grafting, TMJ disorder, sleep apnea, cleft lip and palate, and many more problems affecting the jawbone, mouth, teeth, and nasal passageways. In fact, any sort of problems affecting the jawbone, mouth, teeth, and nasal passageways, where you need the services of an oral surgery specialist in San Francisco.