Oops, San Francisco Millenials – Don’t Leave Your Wisdom Teeth Alone

Wisdom teeth are the third molars. They are the very last to come through, or to use the technical term, erupt. Sometimes they cause no problem, but this is not usually the case.Troublesome wisdom teeth will only get worse. Our ancestors needed them to chew tough plants, but today they are like your appendix. It is there but you don’t need it. Over thousands of years, our jaws have become smaller, so the wisdom teeth usually cannot find an easy route to erupt. What happens is that they can then take all sorts of different twists and turns as they endeavor to do so. They might grow sideways, or even become trapped between the gum and the bone.

When this happens, you need wisdom teeth surgery in San Francisco. You don’t need them anyway, and if you leave them the pain will get worse and they may let bacteria grow around them, leading to infection. They can also push other teeth out of alignment, and in the worst cases, a tumor or cysts may form around the impacted wisdom tooth. This can result in the destruction of the jawbone and other perfectly healthy teeth. Removal of the impacted wisdom teeth usually resolves all of these problems. Indeed, it is best to have wisdom teeth surgery in San Francisco before they start to cause any problems rather than waiting for them to happen.

Why Are They Called Wisdom Teeth

Many millenials wonder why they are caused wisdom teeth when, in fact, they can cause so many problems. They are so-called because they don’t usually start to grow until your mid to late teens, by which time you are deemed to be old enough to have achieved some wisdom. Indeed, if you have achieved some wisdom you will be wise enough to understand that early removal of them is the way to go.

The way to go about this is to make an appointment to see our Dr Rabinovich or Dr Sandler. Both oral surgeons offer patients a free consult and this will enable them to look at your wisdom teeth using the latest high-tech equipment called NewTom. This is a machine similar to a CT scanner but it provides the doctors with both a horizontal and vertical view of your jawbone. It is the only machine of it’s type which does this. This enables the doctors to make an accurate assessment of the wisdom teeth and shows them whether or not your wisdom teeth will erupt without any trouble or whether they should be removed.

If they are going to cause problems, then you can make an appointment for wisdom teeth surgery in San Francisco. This is not a long procedure and is carried out under a local or general anesthetic. You will need to rest in our office for an hour or so before you are ready to be taken home.