Dr Alex Rabinovich Is the Surgeon to See for Mouth Issues

It’s a fact of life that many, many people will need some form of surgery during their life on this earth, and that can apply to any part of the body. There are all sorts of things which can “go wrong” and for all sorts of different reasons.A best-in-class oral surgeon for mouth problems here in San Francisco, California.

When things do go wrong and you need the services of a surgeon to correct them, there are all sorts of different specialties. For example, some surgeons specialize in heart problems, others in brain surgery, and still others in mouth surgery in San Francisco. Each of those surgeons wouldn’t dream of trying to perform surgery in another area of the body unless it was an extreme emergency.

So a heart surgeon wouldn’t attempt brain surgery, and a brain surgeon wouldn’t try mouth surgery, and so on. If you have problems of the mouth, then obviously you need mouth surgery in San Francisco and that is the specialty of an individual known as an oral surgeon, such as our Dr Alex Rabinovich. He is a specialist in oral/mouth surgery and would be the first to put his hands up and say that he wouldn’t attempt brain surgery, for instance, but when it comes to mouth surgery in San Francisco then he is obviously the right man to see.

One of the most common problems that require oral surgery is impacted wisdom teeth. Thousands of years ago, caveman needed wisdom teeth for help in chewing many different types of foods. Today, most of the foods that we eat are softer, so we don’t need our wisdom teeth, but we still grow them. This is similar to the way in which we don’t need our appendix, but we still grow one of those.

Our Jawbones Have Become Smaller

The problem is that over many years our jawbones have become smaller. Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to grow – or erupt, to use the technical term – but in most cases don’t have enough room in the jaw to do so. The problem is that they try to erupt in any way that they can, and this may involve pushing other teeth out of alignment, growing sideways, damaging the jawbone, causing bacterial infections, and in the worst-case scenario causing tumors. None of those things is good, so the answer is to have your wisdom teeth removed, preferably before they have caused any damage.

This is one of the specialities of Dr Rabinovich. It can be a tricky operation because it must be carried out without damaging nerves and is why you need a specialist.

If you have any wisdom teeth problems, make an appointment to see Dr Rabinovich. He offers a totally free consult and can advise you on the best course of action and answer all your questions.