Some Oral Surgeons Won’t Take Insurance, but We Do

Nowadays, some oral surgeons are reluctant to take insurance. They work privately and will only accept cash or credit cards. Multiple payment plans at Oral Surgery San FranciscoOf course, if your condition is covered by your insurance, this rules them out as an oral surgeon straight away as far as you are concerned, but if that is the way they work, then that is up to them.

Fortunately, at Oral Surgery San Francisco we are oral surgeons who take insurance in San Francisco, so if you need any form of oral surgery that is covered by your insurance policy, we can help you. Not only do we take insurance policies, but we work with no less than 37 different insurance companies, so it is highly likely that you are covered.

But we don’t just take insurance policies but provide all sorts of different methods of payment. It has always been our belief that no patient should be denied the services of the best oral surgeons in San Francisco simply because of problems involving payment.

Let’s face it: oral surgery of any sort is not a “cheap” procedure. We are not talking $50 or $100. So it is a simple fact of life that the majority of people won’t have access to enough cash to cover most procedures, especially when it comes to things such as jaw surgery, bone grafting, dental implants, and more. We use extremely expensive equipment and have to support our staff. Our doctors have trained for years in order to become the experts that they are today. So we believe that it is only right that we should make those services available to everyone, not just the wealthy.

Multiple Finance Options

That is why we are not just oral surgeons who take insurance in San Francisco because not all patients have insurance either. We take all major credit cards, and we also have multiple finance options available to suit every budget.

Our finance options include an option where you can pay over 6 months without paying any interest. Of course, we will accept cash and credit/debit cards as well – we would be silly not to! But as you can see, we do endeavor to make our services available to everyone, no matter what their financial position.

So if you are looking for oral surgeons who take insurance in San Francisco, our Drs Rabinovich and Sandler are here for you. Both doctors provide all patients with a completely free consult which you can get by clicking on the Contact Us link at the top of the page. At the same time, when you visit, our staff will be happy to discuss all of your payment options.