Many Sleep Apnea Issues Can Be Solved Using Surgery Right Here in San Francisco

Sleep apnea is a condition which results in pauses in breathing, or shallow breaths, occurring. Pauses can last from several seconds to a few minutes. This often follows loud snoring. Some 40 million Americans suffer from chronic snoring, with quite a few here in San Francisco among them.Sleep Apnea Surgeon in Bay Area

Sleep apnea can lead to feeling very tired during the day and an inability to concentrate. You may also awaken with a dry mouth or sore throat and have morning headaches. There may also be night-time sweating and loss of libido.

People who have sleep apnea are often overweight, and one way to help reduce the problem is by losing weight. However, surgery to remove excess tissue from the palate or throat is often recommended. Sometimes people suffering sleep apnea try oral appliances or CPAP, but these are not cures. You may well need sleep apnea surgery in San Francisco.

Risk factors for sleep apnea include being male, since men are more likely to snore and have sleep apnea than women, although women can snore more after the menopause. You may have a family history of snoring as well. Use of alcohol and/or sedatives can be a marker, as well as enlarged adenoids and tonsils, and suffering from nasal congestion.

You Need To Make An Appointment with a Sleep Apnea Surgeon

If you are suffering from sleep apnea and think that you may need sleep apnea surgery in San Francisco, you need to make an appointment to see our Dr. Alex Rabinovich. As an expert surgeon who specializes in sleep apnea issues, he is qualified to carry out an assessment of your condition.

Dr. Rabinovich has also formed partnerships with professional sleep experts in the Bay Area in order to make certain that your sleeping disorder is cared for and fully evaluated. His aim is always to ensure that you get back to a pattern of restful sleep.

Sleep apnea surgery in San Francisco can include orthognathic surgery to reposition the jaws, and this can often be carried out by Dr. Rabinovich as an outpatient procedure at our state-of-the-art office in Sacramento Street in the Financial District. An initial appointment will include a full examination with X-rays, and a discussion to establish exactly what issues you are experiencing. Dr. Rabinovich will then create a customized plan for your treatment. This may include the support of a sleep expert as well.

People who may benefit are those with severe snoring and/or chronic nasal obstruction, together with some or all of the symptoms mentioned earlier. Treatment can often be as simple as undertaking a weight loss plan without the need for surgery.

If you are suffering from any of the aforementioned symptoms, click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page to make an appointment to see Dr. Rabinovich for an initial consultation. It is free.