You Need a Specialist Jaw Surgeon to Deal With Jaw Problems

Many Bay Area residents have issues with their jaw. Some of these are medical issues and some of them may not be serious from a medical point of view but can cause a massive loss of self-confidence because of the image that people feel that they project. A specialist is required for jaw surgeryThat means that it can cause depression and result in mental health issues, so while not a physical problem in the accepted sense, it still needs to be handled sympathetically and the perceived disfigurement corrected.

Either way, the answer is some form of jaw surgery in order to resolve the problem, and for that you need the services of jaw specialists in San Francisco. At Oral Surgery San Francisco, our doctors, Dr Alex Rabinovich and Dr Noah Sandler, are both highly skilled jaw surgeons of many years standing. They are not general dentists, nor yet dentists who have taken a weekend course in things such as dental implant surgery, but have spent years in training and studying, and have many years of practical experience.

Indeed, Dr Rabinovich has provided his services for corrective jaw surgery free of charge on several occasions when he has traveled overseas in order to help children of poor families in need of such things as cleft lip and palate surgery and facial trauma as the result of accidents.

For Jaw Problems, You Need A Jaw Surgeon

When you have serious jaw issues and need jaw specialists in San Francisco it can be compared with other specialist surgeries. For example, if you have a heart problem you would need a heart surgeon, and for brain issues you need a brain surgeon. A specialist heart surgeon would not even consider undertaking brain surgery, any more than Dr Rabinovich and Dr Sandler would. Equally, a brain surgeon would not undertake jaw surgery because it is not within his or her area of competence. “Each to his own” is the old saying.

Dr Rabinovich and Dr Sandler conduct every type of oral and jaw surgery including bone grafting, facial trauma, TMJ disorder, cleft lip and palate, cosmetic surgery to correct jaw appearance, surgery for overbite and underbite, dental implants, surgery for sleep apnea, wisdom teeth removal, and dermal fillers and Neurotoxin. Whatever your problem, our doctors at Oral Surgery San Francisco have the answer.

In many cases, jaw surgery will be covered by your insurance, and our doctors will work with you in order to maximise the amount that you can claim for this specialist work. If your problems are purely cosmetic, they may not be covered, but we also have a wide range of financial options, one of which is certain to be right for your individual situation.

Whatever the issue, as jaw specialists in San Francisco, Dr Rabinovich and Dr Sandler offer all patients a completely free consult. To book an appointment, simply click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page.