A Maxillofacial Surgeon Is Needed for Serious Oral Issues

Quite a number of people suffer from issues that can affect the head, neck, mouth, and jaw, and these can be as a result of birth defects, disease, or facial trauma suffered in something such as a road accident. A maxillofacial surgeon is needed for serious face or oral issues.If you are affected by any such condition, you will need the services of a maxillofacial surgeon in San Francisco.

This is a fancy name for a surgeon who specializes in issues surrounding the face, head, mouth, and neck, and can carry out any form of surgery such as facial trauma surgery, facial reconstruction, surgery to the mouth such as wisdom teeth extraction, jaw surgery, treatment for sleep apnea, dental implants, bone grafting, and cosmetic surgery in addition. One of the foremost maxillofacial surgeons in San Francisco is Dr. Alex Rabinovich who is the director of Oral Surgery San Francisco in the Financial District.

Dr. Rabinovich is called upon to carry out quite a number of cosmetic procedures in order to help patients who suffer from loss of confidence and even depression because of the way that they look. This can be simply a result of aging which results in wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and forehead, and sagging skin. By undertaking a face lift, these issues can be quickly resolved and make a real change to the appearance, resulting in the patient looking many years younger once again.

A “Nose Job” – an Ambiguous, Informal Term

Surgery can also be carried out on the nose. Some people are unhappy with the appearance of their nose, and nasal surgery/rhinoplasty – also known informally as a “nose job” – can change the shape of the nose to achieve a distinctly different appearance. The surgery can be carried out under sedation or a general anesthetic and only takes about two hours. Some patients will rest at home for a week, but this is not essential, since one can be outdoors quite safely.

Dr. Rabinovich can also undertake laser skin resurfacing. This will effectively tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It will also rejuvenate skin that has been damaged by spending too many hours in the sun.

As a maxillofacial surgeon in San Francisco, Dr. Rabinovich can also provide Neurotoxin cosmetic injections which have the effect of relaxing the muscles and making wrinkles disappear or become less noticeable. This procedure takes only a few minutes and is a cost-effective way of helping a patient to look much better without the need for surgery. For the best ongoing results, treatment should be repeated every four to six month.

Dr. Rabinovich is happy to provide all patients with a free consult when he can answer all your questions.