Choosing an Oral Surgeon Solely on Cost Is Not a Good Idea

We hate to say it but “it depends.” Do you really want the cheapest oral surgeon in San Francisco? Do you really want the guy or gal who will give you a quote over the phone?Don’t choose an oral surgeon just on cost in SF

Short answer: No, you don’t.

You want an oral surgeon who insists on a face-to-face meeting so that he can assess exactly what the issue is and how he or she will proceed, and only then will give you a figure. And preferably you want an oral surgeon who will carry out the consultation and the examination for nothing. That is what our doctors – Dr Alex Rabinovich and Dr Noel Sandler – at Oral Surgery San Francisco will do. They work on the – quite logical – basis that until they know what needs to be done it is impossible to quote you a price.

Both our doctors carry out quite a lot of wisdom teeth removal in San Francisco because it is something that most people need to have done. But just because wisdom teeth removal in San Francisco is carried out a lot doesn’t mean that it is a simple procedure. It needs thorough planning, and with that in mind we have invested in the very latest 3D scanner. This gives our doctors a full 3D picture of your jaw and nerves rather than an X-ray which only tells half the story. With a 3D picture, our doctors can plan your surgery so that the nerves are avoided. Without it, there is always the possibility of damaging a nerve.

A 3D Scanner Is Not Cheap

Now a 3D scanner is not a cheap piece of equipment, but our doctors believe firmly that their patients deserve nothing less than the best. This means that – yes – you might be able to get wisdom teeth removal in San Francisco for a bit less somewhere else – that is, if you want to take the risk. That’s up to you.

As regards the cost, you may be covered by your insurance policy, and then again, you may not. If you are covered, we can bill your insurance company direct, so please bring your insurance papers to your initial consultation. If you are not covered by insurance, that is not an issue either because we have a very wide choice of finance plans available to all patients. They include plans that carry no interest if paid off within 6 months and plans that give you instant acceptance with no money down and no application fee.

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