Some People Are Not So Wise When It Comes to Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Here’s the thing: nearly all of us will get wisdom teeth as we grow older, but the fact is that we don’t need them!

Back in the day, when cavemen went hunting, they didn’t have a microwave oven to cook the food in when they brought it back to the cave. Some people are not wise about their wisdom teeth.So, they had to bite and crunch their way through tough raw meat, and for that they actually needed their wisdom teeth. However, today, we no longer need them, but they still grow.

Wisdom teeth are a bit like your appendix or your coccyx. Your appendix plays no role in digestion, although experts think it may have been useful when the human diet was mostly plants. Your coccyx is left over from when our distant ancestors were walking about with tails. But we don’t need tails.

The Little Blighters Still Keep Trying To Grow

The problem with wisdom teeth is that because they are no longer necessary, the human jawbone has shrunk somewhat, and there is now not sufficient room for them to grow. And yet the little blighters keep trying to find a way through.

What that does can be a combination of things such as pushing other teeth out of alignment, they might grow sideways, they can get trapped under the gum and jawbone, and all of this can be avoided by having wisdom teeth extraction in San Francisco.

In some rare cases, it is true that the wisdom teeth may have sufficient room to grow, and in that case, you would not need wisdom teeth extraction in San Francisco, but for most of us it is the right thing to do. The “wise” thing to do. Yes, if you didn’t know, they are called wisdom teeth because they are the last teeth to grow, and begin in early adolescence, and by that time we are supposed to have become wiser than when we were children.

If you do not have wisdom teeth extraction in San Francisco and they are impacted, they can cause all sorts of issues, such as allowing bacteria to grow which will result in infection. In the worst instance they can actually cause tumors or cysts which will result in the destruction of healthy teeth and the jawbone.

So, the wise thing to do is to come to see our Dr Rabinovich or Dr Sandler here at Oral Surgery San Francisco and let them give you a thorough examination. They are both happy to provide all patients with a completely free consultation when they can answer all your questions.