If You Need Wisdom Teeth Removal You Need an Oral Surgeon

If you are in your teenage years and are suffering from problems with your wisdom teeth trying to grow through, rest assured that you are not alone. It is true that a very small number of people never have any problems with their wisdom teeth, but the fact is that they are few and far between. jaw surgery in San FranciscoMost of us are going to suffer problems, so the answer is to get them done and dusted as soon as possible.

What you may not realize is that over many millennia our jaws have actually grown smaller. True. Back in the day of caveman, our forefathers needed big strong, tough teeth at the back of the jaw to chew and break down tough meats and so on. Remember that they hadn’t got around to cooking, so they were eating raw meats when they caught a creature.

Fast forward to today, and we have learned how to cook, and we grow our own veggies, so many of the foods that we eat today are soft and easy to chew. Result? We don’t need those tough old wisdom teeth anymore.

Our Wisdom Teeth Still Want to Grow

But although our jaws have grown smaller, for some reason our wisdom teeth still want to grow. They are one of those things that we have, like the appendix, that still grow even though we don’t need them.

In the case of wisdom teeth, this means that they are struggling to break through the gums where there is not enough space for them. So, they grow sideways. They push other teeth out of the way. They get stuck under the gums. And they generally cause pain and discomfort even in the best of cases. In the worst, they can cause serious infections and even tumors – and nobody wants that.

So, the answer is oral surgery for wisdom teeth in San Francisco. Our two oral surgeons – Dr. Alex Rabinovich and Dr. Noah Sandler – are specialists in oral surgery for wisdom teeth in San Francisco, and they can deal with your problems using the very latest high-tech equipment.

So, for example, one of the problems with wisdom teeth removal is the possibility of damaging nerves. Our doctors use the latest New Tom 3D imaging equipment which gives them a complete picture of your jaws with both horizontal and vertical views, and this enables them to see where your nerves run and avoid them when you have your wisdom teeth extracted.

This is why you need specialist oral surgery for wisdom teeth in San Francisco. Let’s face it: why let a general dentist tackle the problem when you can have the best?