If You Have Issues With Your Jaw, You Need a Maxillofacial Surgeon

Quite a number of people suffer from issues with their jaw, mouth, and neck, and if it requires surgery, which it often does, they need a maxillofacial surgeon. Now obviously, if you need that type of surgery, you need the best maxillofacial surgeon in San Francisco.You need a maxillofacial surgeon for issues of the jaw and neck

However, we have quite a number of good maxillofacial surgeons in San Francisco, and – truth to tell – there is not really a “best” maxillofacial surgeon in San Francisco. But the good news is that there is one who is right for you. What you need to do is to reach out and make an appointment with two or three so that you can get a feel for who would be the perfect match.

After all, surgery of any sort is a serious business. It is not like having a flu injection. It is an operation, and it needs to be done right. There is also the question of aftercare because when you have surgery, you have to face the fact that it is going to take some time to recover. How long that is will depend upon the surgery that you need. It could be a couple of weeks, but equally, it could be longer, so you need to be confident that the surgeon that you choose can offer you aftercare so that you get back to normal as quickly as possible and with as little pain as possible.

An Outstanding Maxillofacial Surgeon

At Oral Surgery San Francisco, our Dr. Alex Rabinovich is an outstanding maxillofacial surgeon with several years of first-class training and many years of practice. Our best-in-class oral surgery office has all the very latest equipment for any sort of facial surgery, including that required after trauma. Exactly what you will need to have done can be evaluated by Dr. Rabinovich at a consultation. Dr. Rabinovich offers all patients a free consult, so there is no reason not to make an appointment to see him, regardless of your individual circumstances and issue.

Of course, many patients require wisdom teeth removal. In fact, most people do, because wisdom teeth that do not erupt correctly can cause all sorts of issues, damaging other teeth by pushing them out of line, and allowing bacteria to grow causing infection, and even destroying the jawbone. If you have not had your wisdom teeth removed, you need to make an appointment with Dr. Rabinovich so that he can assess whether they will cause problems as they grow.

Dr. Rabinovich carries out every type of maxillofacial surgery including jaw surgery, bone grafting, oral pathology, dental implants, and more. If you are looking for the best maxillofacial surgeon in San Francisco, make an appointment to see Dr. Rabinovich.