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You Need a Specialist Oral Surgeon for Dental Implants, Not a General Dentist

Dental implants are exciting. They are the 21st century answer for missing teeth, whether you need just one or several. Dental implants work in exactly the same way as your missing teeth did, but for the optimum results you need specialist Bay Area oral surgeons for dental implants – not a general dentist. Continue reading

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery San Francisco Announces Landmark Post for Identifying the Best Oral Surgeons in San Francisco

San Francisco, California – September 30, 2021. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery San Francisco, a team of top-rated Bay Area oral surgeons is proud to announce new successes for a landmark post on finding the best oral surgeon for one’s needs. Continue reading

If You Need Oral Surgery, It May Be Cosmetic, but Then Again Maybe Not

“Cosmetic” is a somewhat derogatory term when it comes to surgery. It might be taken to mean “non-essential”. It could also be a term used by an insurance company when it doesn’t want to cover you for certain things. So, your health insurance may cover you for “essential” surgery but not for certain other procedures. Continue reading

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery San Francisco Announces New Content for Identifying the Best Jaw Surgeon in San Francisco for One’s Needs

San Francisco, California – July 29, 2021. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery San Francisco, a top-tier oral surgery clinic is proud to announce new content to help clients think about how to identify the best jaw surgeon in San Francisco for their unique needs. Continue reading

Bay Area Residents Need an Expert Jaw Surgeon for Problems With the Jaw and Mouth

Suffering from facial trauma can have a devastating effect on your life and may cause problems with breathing and eating. Possibly worse still is the emotional impact that is caused because the sufferer feels that people will be looking at him or her and thinking that he or she are not “fit” human beings. This can be terribly hard to bear. Continue reading

The Time To Schedule Oral Surgery Might be Now

A lot of San Francisco residents are working from home at the moment because of the Pandemic, and yet this does present certain opportunities. For instance, if you need any form of San Francisco oral surgery, now would be a very good time to get the work done, for the simple reason that you can recuperate at home and yet still carry on working. Continue reading