Jaw Surgery from a San Francisco Expert To Correct An Underbite Or Overbite

Some people suffer from jaw problems from birth, while in other cases problems may be caused by unequal growth of the jawbones. Additionally, jaw discrepancies can be the result of trauma – such as a road accident – or disease. The resulting underbite or overbite can cause problems with eating, create nasal breathing problems, and can have a very direct effect on the patient’s confidence and ability to mix socially if he or she is worried about facial appearance.

Jaw Surgery San Francisco

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The good news is that an oral surgeon in San Francisco for jaw surgery, such as our Dr Alex Rabinovich, can undertake surgery to correct all the problems arising from an underbite or overbite including any associated nasal breathing problems.

It may be that your dentist has suggested that you consider oral surgery to correct a deformity and has referred you to another oral surgeon. Even if this is the case, it is always the best idea to get a second opinion from Dr Rabinovich as he is renowned as a top oral surgeon by members of his own profession. No two problems are exactly the same, no two surgeries are the same, and every patient is different and will have different ideas also.

Experienced In All Forms Of Maxillofacial Surgery

As a highly trained oral surgeon in San Francisco for jaw surgery, Dr Rabinovich has extensive experience in all forms of maxillofacial surgery including plastic surgery, oculoplastic surgery, and craniofacial surgery, and worked with some of the world’s leading surgeons in these fields when he pursued a Fellowship at Georgetown University / Posnick Center for Facial Plastic Surgery earlier in his career. His main objective when undertaking corrective jaw surgery is to provide a correct bite and a natural facial appearance.

There is no doubt that patients suffering from an underbite or overbite feel uncomfortable in the presence of others in many cases which, in turn affects their quality of life. As an oral surgeon in San Francisco for jaw surgery Dr Rabinovich understands only too well the mental stress which this can put on the patient, and his intention is not only to achieve a correct bite and natural facial appearance, but also to help every patient live life to the full once more.

Dr Rabinovich has his state-of-the-art surgery in the Financial District of the city which is convenient for all San Franciscans and for the surrounding cities such as Oakland, Foster City, Palo Alto, Richmond, Redwood City, and more. He offers all patients a completely free consult in order to discuss the benefits of corrective surgery for an underbite or overbite when he can answer all your questions. Call his office on 415-817-9991 or click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page to schedule your consultation.