Do You Have The Wisdom To Have Your Wisdom Teeth Checked?

Ah – those pesky wisdom teeth! They have a tendency to cause far more trouble than they are worth. They are called wisdom teeth because they don’t arrive – or erupt as it is called – until your mid-teens and sometimes even later – by which time you are supposed to be old enough to have acquired some wisdom. A Check-up for wisdom teeth in SF

However, it is apparent that by no means everyone seems to have acquired sufficient wisdom to have their wisdom teeth checked. Many teenagers leave it until their wisdom teeth are causing problems, which in some cases can be severe. Sometimes wisdom teeth grow straight and cause no problems, but these cases are rare. Most people will have problems with their wisdom teeth, thus requiring wisdom teeth extraction in our convenient San Francisco offices.

Not Enough Room To Grow

The trouble with wisdom teeth is that in most cases they do not have enough room to grow and so they can grow out at an angle, they can partially erupt, they can even remain trapped under the gum and jawbone. What’s more, in trying to force their way out they can do damage to other teeth and push them out of alignment. If they partially erupt there may be an opening around the tooth that will permit bacteria to grow which will cause an infection leading to pain, swelling, soreness, or illness, or any combination of these. In the worst case scenario, a cyst or tumor may form causing damage to the jawbone and other teeth.

This is why it is wise to get your wisdom teeth checked by a San Francisco Bay Area specialist such as our Dr Rabinovich. If you live in San Francisco and need wisdom teeth extraction he is the expert that you need for the surgery. Using a process of oral examination and x-rays of your mouth, Dr Rabinovich will be able to see if there are any problems existing, and if there are not will be able to predict any problems occurring in the future. You could be 16, 26, or even 36, but if your wisdom teeth are causing problems – or are going to cause problems later on – then wisdom teeth extraction is by far and away your best course of action. Our offices are in the financial district of San Francisco, so they are very convenient to downtown as well as both MUNI and BART.

Even if your wisdom teeth are not presently causing problems you can compare this to having your car serviced. You don’t leave it until it breaks down; you get it serviced regularly in order to keep it at peak performance. One of the advantages of wisdom teeth extraction is that you only have to do it once, unlike your car which has to be serviced every so many thousand miles.

So don’t be a ninny – have the wisdom to have your wisdom teeth checked before they cause problems.