San Francisco Oral Surgery Releases Post about the Cost of Oral Surgery and Insurance for Bay Area Patients

February 25, 2018 – San Francisco, California. San Francisco oral surgeon, Dr. Alex Rabinovich, is proud to release a new blog post for the Bay Area community focused on the intersection of cost and insurance for oral surgery issues. oral surgery in San FranciscoAccess to an affordable insurance plan could quickly change the cost of oral surgery, and yet San Francisco locals may have questions about finding an oral surgeon and insurance plan coverage.

“Good dental insurance can change the affordability of oral surgery for our patients,” explained Dr. Alex Rabinovich. “We work to accept a wide selection of insurance plans so people don’t have to worry about the cost and can focus on recovery.”

To read the newly released blog post about the cost of oral surgery, just visit the website. Bay Area residents may have questions regarding dental insurance and oral surgery. Procedures covered under an insurance plan can include removing wisdom teeth, fixing broken teeth and adding dental implants. Insurance accepted by oral surgeons can vary by clinic. A top oral surgeon may provide several options. To read about wisdom teeth removal options, and to learn more about dental implant options in San Francisco, just visit the website.


Here is the background to the release. Bay Area residents may be comfortable using an insurance plan offered by an employer. Smart medical and dental insurance can help employees stay healthy and productive. If a Bay Area resident leaves one job to go to another, insurance carriers may not follow. Losing a specific insurance plan can mean losing a trusted doctor, dentist or oral surgeon. Insurance offered by new employers may not cover a certain clinic or surgery. If a Bay Area local has scheduled an important procedure such as wisdom teeth removal, a trusted oral surgeon could be out of the picture. The cost of oral surgery in San Francisco can be expensive and a good insurance plan can save a personal budget from breaking.

For this reason, San Francisco oral surgeon Dr. Alex Rabinovich, has released a new blog post on the intersection of costs and insurance. The cost of oral surgery in San Francisco can be expensive if a patent is not covered by an insurance plan. Important procedures including wisdom tooth extraction and jaw surgery can be put on hold if a new employers plan does not cover costs. Switching jobs might not mean changing trusted dental and medical providers. A top oral surgeon accepting a large selection of insurance coverage offered by San Francisco companies could be the answer. Patients might not be able to wait for wisdom teeth removal. Serious health issues in the mouth can arise if vital oral surgery procedures are put off until later. An expert surgeon accepting several types of insurance coverage can help ease the cost of oral surgery for San Francisco employees.


Oral Surgery San Francisco is located in the Financial District of the City. Under the direction of Dr. Alex Rabinovich, a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon specializing in the field of oral surgery. This additional training, along with his years of experience, sets Alex Rabinovich MD DDS apart from the growing number of general dentists offering oral surgery and other dental procedures. The cost of oral surgery can expensive and the clinic accepted over forty types of insurance plans from Bay Area employers. Procedures include wisdom teeth extraction, jaw surgery and dental implants. Oral Surgery San Francisco serves all neighborhoods in the city of San Francisco including Pacific Heights, Russian Hill and Noe Valley.

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