Where to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Out in San Francisco? Well, a Place that Takes Insurance is a Start

Many people wonder why we have wisdom teeth when there seems to be no need for them and most people have to have them extracted anyway. Anthropologists believe that they were needed by our ancestors who had to chew raw meats, nuts, leaves, and roots, but as we evolved so did our diet.  Financing for wisdom teeth removal in San FranciscoToday we have softer foods and we also have those marvelous inventions the knife, fork, and spoon, and so we no longer need to chew anywhere near as much.

Our mouths have grown smaller, but nonetheless the wisdom teeth still grow. They are what is known as vestigial organs – parts of the body that no longer have any use as a result of evolution, such as our appendix also. Some people actually do not develop wisdom teeth, and a few who do have no trouble with them, but for the vast majority they need to be removed.

They are called wisdom teeth because they do not usually erupt until the ages of around 16 – 25 by which time we are said to have grown and become wiser (although we all know one or two people who would seem to defy that argument!).

Best Done Fairly Early On: Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Out (in San Francisco or Anywhere)

Wisdom teeth removal is best done fairly early on, whether you do it here in San Francisco or anywhere, before the teeth begin to erupt and start to cause problems because there is not enough space for them. It is possible that you may be covered by insurance, but if not you will need to have wisdom teeth removal without insurance. However, this should be no problem because our chief oral surgeon, Dr Rabinovich, has a range of different finance options available for patients who need them, and there is bound to be one which fits your needs.

Dr Rabinovich can examine your mouth and establish whether you need your wisdom teeth removed, and if you need wisdom teeth removal without insurance can discuss the right sort of financing option for you. Plans include some which carry no interest if paid off within a specified period. Dr Rabinovich also accepts all major credit cards, so this may be another option for you.

The most important thing is your health. Wisdom teeth may not start to cause pain until they have already begun to cause damage to your gums, your jawbone, and to adjacent teeth which can get pushed out of position as the wisdom teeth force themselves through and try to find a way to grow.

The best advice is to get your wisdom teeth checked and if necessary removed before they start to cause complications. If you need wisdom teeth removal without insurance, then book a free consult with Dr Rabinovich so that he can assess if there is a problem and discuss financing.