Good News on Sleep Apnea: Surgical Options Right Here in San Francisco

Over 40 million Americans suffer from snoring, and it can be caused by sleep apnea which is an epidemic even here in the “health conscious” San Francisco Bay Area as well as in the US.

A Man with Sleep Apnea in San Francisco

Photo credit: WarmSleepy via / CC BY

It is related to obesity, although obesity is not the only cause. If you are suffering from it, you may consider sleep apnea surgery in San Francisco from Dr. Rabinovich.

Snoring may be caused by an anatomic variation in the upper airway and may be a symptom of sleep apnea which can cause sleepiness in the daytime, loss of memory, personality changes, and can be a potentially life-threatening problem. It can also cause breathing problems and lead to hypertension (high blood pressure) which can cause heart disease.

Sleep apnea and snoring can be very annoying for your partner, and if you have tried home remedies but they have not worked, it may be time to see a professional like Dr Alex Rabinovich for an evaluation and possible consideration of sleep apnea surgery in San Francisco.

How Do You Know If You Have Sleep Apnea?

If your partner complains about your snoring and you feel tired during the day, a possible cause is sleep apnea. You may also have trouble concentrating at work, even if it’s a dynamic San Francisco start up. There are a number of risk factors such as being male, because men are more likely to snore and have sleep apnea than women, although women may snore more after the menopause. You may also have a family history of snoring. Other indicators are being overweight, nasal congestion, and use of alcohol. It is also possible that you may stop breathing during sleep, and this can happen several times during the night.

Dr Rabinovich can evaluate the problem that you may have with sleep apnea with an oral examination, x-rays, and a discussion in order that he can fully understand the extent of your problem. He also works in conjunction with sleep experts in San Francisco so may need to include them in evaluating your condition. Very often, a sleep study can be undertaken to establish whether you have sleep apnea or another sleeping disorder. Once your condition has been diagnosed (it may not be sleep apnea) he can work out the best method of approaching it.

Believe it or not, the treatment could be something as simple as a weight reduction plan. Other procedures could be the use of an oral appliance or a simple outpatient procedure carried out in the office under a local anesthetic. Patients with a severe case of sleep apnea may need orthognathic sleep apnea surgery in San Francisco for the purpose of repositioning the jaws.

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