San Francisco is Not Cheap, but When it’s Your Teeth You Need the Best

Let’s face it. Nothing is cheap in San Francisco! Well, except perhaps fantastic weather and some amazing street food. But wisdom teeth extraction probably does cost you more than in, say, Tulsa, Oklahoma (nothing against Tulsa!).The best San Francisco wisdom teeth treatment. But when you factor in transportation costs and the fact that it’s your BODY you’re talking about, do you really want to “go cheap” on your teeth?

Wisdom teeth extraction is a form of surgery, and that is something that none of us wants to opt for. Unfortunately, it is also something that most of us will need. The reason is that your wisdom teeth are things that our ancestors thousands of years ago required to chew tough food and plants. However, today we don’t need them. Much like your appendix, which, you don’t need either, your wisdom teeth still grow. But because we don’t need them, our jaws have shrunk compared with our ancestors, yet those wisdom teeth still want to grow.

As we now have somewhat smaller jaws, when they try to erupt – which is the technical term for breaking through the gum – they haven’t got enough space in which to grow. So they do all sorts of things such as grow sideways, push adjoining teeth out of alignment, damage the gums, and more. That’s why most people need them removed before they do any further damage.

Cost Of Wisdom Teeth Removal in San Francisco

People do, of course, ask about the cost of wisdom teeth removal in San Francisco, and yes, it is more than in Tulsa. But wisdom teeth removal is an art and needs a specialist. It is possible to get it wrong and damage nerves because of all the strange angles at which they grow. So the cost of wisdom teeth removal in San Francisco should be the least of your worries. What you want is an expert who is trained and has many years of experience in wisdom teeth removal, so that you do not finish up with lasting damage to your jawbone, gums, or nerves.

This is why you should see our Dr Alex Rabinovich. He is a highly qualified Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and will be able to remove your wisdom teeth without doing any damage. Furthermore, when it comes to the cost of wisdom teeth removal in San Francisco, Dr Rabinovich believes that nobody should have to worry about that. For that reason, he has some three dozen different financial plans which he accepts, so there is bound to be one which is perfect for your individual situation.

Dr Rabinovich also provide all patients with a completely free consult. You can book yours by clicking on the Contact Us link at the top of the page.