If You are Considering Jaw Surgery you Need to Choose the Right Jaw Surgeon in San Francisco

If you need jaw surgery, it may be what is called “non-elective”. In other words, you have no choice. Perhaps you have been in a car wreck and it’s an emergency, so you get referred to a specialist who is “in your network”.Jaw surgery in San Francisco.However, if it is elective – in other words you DO have a choice about jaw surgery in San Francisco, and when it is done and by whom – then you need to consider your options carefully. It may be that you have a malformed jaw – which again could be the result of an accident – or it may be a deformity at birth. Perhaps you have breathing difficulties, which can also be the result of a malformed jaw, or maybe you suffer from sleep apnea.

In all of these situations you do have a choice about what you have done, where, and by whom, so you do have options. It is not necessarily something which needs to be done today.

Lack Of Confidence Could be a Consequence of Jaw Surgery

That said, if you are suffering from any sort of jaw problems, they may give you discomfort physically, so you want to get that over and done with, or it could be that you have no physical symptoms but that an unusual jawline stands out just because it is not “normal” and gives you lack of confidence in company. That can actually be a very serious thing because it gives you mental anguish, and nobody can put a “price” on that. It affects different people in different ways.

Whatever your needs for elective jaw surgery in San Francisco, and whatever your reasons, you should talk to our Dr Alex Rabinovich. He is a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and has many years of experience of corrective jaw surgery. In fact, he actually volunteers his services and travels abroad to help children in need who have cleft lips and palates, and other jaw surgery needs.

Dr Rabinovich provides all patients with a completely free consult for jaw surgery in San Francisco when he can assess the extent of your problem and answer all your questions. He will use one of the latest CT scanners to take a 3D picture of your jaw which will enable him to make an instant assessment of your problem, because it only takes 20 seconds. He will then be able to devise a plan for the surgery that you need in order to resolve your problem. Every patient is different: there is no “one size fits all”. So if you have already discussed your problems with another surgeon he can give you a second opinion.

To book your free consult with Dr Rabinovich, just click on the “Contact Us” link at the top of the page.