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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery San Francisco Announces Post on Personalized Orthognathic Surgery in the Bay Area

San Francisco, California – January 31, 2021. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery San Francisco, a team of San Francisco Bay Area oral surgeons at https://www.oralsurgery-sf.com/, is proud to announce a new post on the importance of personalized attention for one’s orthognathic surgery needs. Continue reading

Having Wisdom Teeth Removed May Be Scary, but We Make It Simple

Having wisdom teeth removed is something that scares many people, often because it is the first time they have ever needed any sort of surgery in their lives. So the result is that they put it off. And they put it off some more. And this can go on until the pain becomes too much to bear and they really have to accept the inevitable. Continue reading

Oral Surgery San Francisco Announces Post on Wisdom Teeth Removal and the Need for a Specialized Oral Surgeon

San Francisco, California – September 29, 2020. Oral Surgery San Francisco, serving the Bay Area and led by Dr. Alex Rabinovich, DDS, MD, is proud to announce a new post in its series on the need for clients to do their homework when selecting an oral surgeon to remove their wisdom teeth. Continue reading

Procrastinating Your Wisdom Teeth Removal in San Francisco? Don’t Do it!

Procrastination is not a virtue. In fact, it would be nearer the truth to say that it is a vice. Yet we all do it at some time or another. We even put off things that are inevitable, because we don’t want to do them. People put off dieting when they know full well that they need to lose weight. Not good. Continue reading

San Francisco Oral Surgery Releases Post on Wisdom Teeth Removal Costs for the Millennial Generation

San Francisco – California – March 31, 2018. San Francisco oral surgeon, Dr. Alex Rabinovich, is proud to release a new blog post for the 20-something generation in the Bay Area focused on responsibly managing wisdom teeth extraction issues. The post argues that managing the time and cost for wisdom teeth removal may be part of being a young adult. Continue reading

Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal in San Francisco

San Francisco, California – January 30, 2018. Oral Surgery San Francisco and Dr. Alex Rabinovich are proud to announce a new blog post on one of the proverbial “pain points” for those seeking a wisdom teeth extraction, namely the issue of costs. The reality is that many patients just go to a referred oral surgeon when a little shopping can identify an oral surgeon who may be less expensive, take insurance, and/or provide better quality options. Continue reading