It Is Not a Good Idea to Delay Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Bay Area Options

Procrastination is a human vice. We all do it. We procrastinate paying our taxes. We procrastinate saving for retirement. We go for the “pleasure of the moment” (candy) and ignore the vice of the future (tooth decay). Well, your wisdom teeth aren’t waiting. They’re growing like little time bombs in your mouth to cause you problems later.Delaying wisdom teeth extraction is not a good idea.

And they can certainly cause problems. Many people wonder why we have wisdom teeth at all since we don’t actually need them. The fact is that, back in the day, when we were hunter-gatherers, we needed them to help chew tough plants and so on. Today, we grow lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, bananas, plums, etc., which are not tough to eat. Over the course of many thousands of years, our jaws have grown somewhat smaller, but our wisdom teeth still make an appearance even though we don’t need them. In that respect they are similar to the appendix: we don’t need that either.

The problem then is that those wisdom teeth still try to find their way to erupt in our gums, although there isn’t sufficient room in most cases because our jaws are already full of teeth. So they twist and turn. They may push perfectly good teeth out of alignment. They can cause partial eruption leaving gaps in the gum where bacteria can grow. They can even remain trapped underneath the gum and bone and cause tumors or cysts which can destroy jawbone and healthy teeth. Sometimes, some people may be lucky enough for their wisdom teeth to erupt perfectly, in which case they can be left, but in the vast majority of cases, wisdom teeth extraction is required.

Dr. Rabinovich Is A Specialist Here in San Francisco

Many of our patients come to us having been referred by their dentist or because they have read our reviews on the internet. Others may want a second opinion from a specialist. Dr. Rabinovich is an expert in wisdom teeth extraction and will work with you in order to determine the best course of action. Every patient is different, so there is no “one size fits all” approach.

Dr. Rabinovich will undertake an oral examination and X-rays of the mouth which will enable him to predict if there are current or will be future problems. If he recommends wisdom teeth extraction, you will be pleased to know that we work with many insurance companies, but we also have a wide range of financial plans available if necessary.

Wisdom teeth extraction is carried out in our state-of-the-art surgery and can be under local anesthetic or general anesthetic. The procedure is an out-patient process, and after removal, you rest in our office under supervision until you are ready to be taken home.