Many People Have Had to Put off Oral Surgery, but We Will Re-Open ASAP

As one of the top-rated oral surgery practices in San Francisco, we are eager to get back to work the minute that the rules and regulations allow us to.

Oral surgeries are on hold, but we will re-open as soon as we can

Photo credit: zoxcleb via / CC BY-SA

One of the reasons is that we are well aware that many surgeries such as jaw surgery and even wisdom teeth removal are being regarded as “optional”, even though that is hardly the case with things such as wisdom teeth problems. They simply get worse the longer you leave them.

Anyhow, this cannot go on forever, and rest assured that we will be here for you as soon as the shutdown rules are relaxed. We have taken a lot of steps in order to ensure that both our staff and patients remain safe during oral surgery post-Coronavirus in San Francisco. For example, we are using medical-grade air purifiers throughout the day and after-hours in order to keep the air cleaned. All patients and staff are screened, with temperatures being taken on a daily basis before being allowed to enter the office.

Infection Control Measures & Oral Surgery post-Coronavirus

We have taken infection control measures in accordance with CDC and ADA guidelines, all equipment and surfaces being cleaned and disinfected. We have also provided wipes to clean pens, phones, keyboards, light switches, door handles, and everything else that gets touched a lot.

We have also changed our appointment scheduling in order to maximize social distancing according to the rules, and we are limiting the number of patients in the office at any time in order to maintain a six feet gap between patients. All our staff has been issued with PPE and we have installed sneeze-guards on the front desk to protect both our receptionists and patients checking in and out of the office. We are doing everything possible in order to maintain the safety of everyone during oral surgery post-coronavirus in San Francisco.

As we get back to oral surgery post-Coronavirus in San Francisco, many patients may have some difficulty with payment, in particular, if you have been furloughed or even lost your job. We accept a large number of different insurers, so if you are covered by one of them there is no problem. We will work with you in order to maximize your insurance for procedures which are covered.

We also offer a range of different finance options including from Chase Health Finance who offer no-interest plans from 3 – 24 months and extended payment plans up to 48 months. They also offer instant credit approvals with no application fee and no deposit.

Contact the office for further information about oral surgery post-Coronavirus in San Francisco

Photo credit: zoxcleb via / CC BY-SA